Brandy And Ray J’s Brother Takes A DNA Test To Prove He’s Their Father’s Son

- By Bossip Staff

Brandy and Ray J’s illegitimate brother Danyelle “C-Dove” Brown took his DNA test this weekend to prove once and for all that Big Willie Norwood is indeed his father.


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  • fool of a tooke!

    His name is DANYELLE???

  • Miss Peaches

    Well its too late to collect child support.

  • Bey-nonsense

    i did. the interviewer has a problem saying futuristic.


    Waitin’ for daddy’s DNA…face the music

  • Its Bambi *itch!

    Well he look like a Norwood..Hopefully he can move on since his dad did yrs ago..sad matter but you can’t make him be a loving dad & real man..You see how Mrs. Norwood wears the pants and the family order is all jacked anyway.


    @ Bambi

    “You see how Mrs. Norwood wears the pants and the family order is all jacked anyway.”

    Right! She’s the one prolly tellin’ him to f*ck a DNA test…

  • Its Bambi *itch!

    @Smokin’Section: You know it!!

  • We "Blacks" Are The REAL Hebrew Israelites

    The Norwoods are a bunch of sanctimonious holier than thou famepires.
    Your son p*issed on a female and made her vicariously famous.
    Your daughter killed someone and likes to brush it off like it never happened.
    The father has an out of wedlock child.

    But we are supposed to buy this whole squeaky clean wholesome act?



    @ Bambi

    Killin’ part is she don’t even have the RIGHT to tell him not to take it (if she indeed told him that…I think she did). And his a$$ is weak…how you gonna turn your back on finding out if that’s your seed, cause SHE said so? She got his a$$ whipped for real!

    @ We Blacks

    You forgot about the out of wedlock pregnancy that Brandy had for which she, subsequently, rushed to the alter for a bogus wedding to hide her indiscretion. Squeakly clean they are NOT

  • Homeboi

    Makes me wonder why he didn’t show up for the test…you would think that a family man would though. Now I’m starting to believe he REALLY is C-Dove’s father. By him not showing up definitely didn’t help to convince me he isn’t. You should’ve showed up Mr. Norwood…with all due respect, you should’ve showed up:-(

  • We "Blacks" Are The REAL Hebrew Israelites

    @The Smokin’ Section

    Ooh! Forgot about that one. They’re as squeaky clean and bird s*hit smeared on a windshield.

  • Hoodfolk

    Does he really want to be known as Ray J’s Big Brother?I know Ray J should then he will have someone in his family under his level.


    Maybe Willie Norwood wants to find out in private. WHo whould show up at a unknown place with random ppl all around and cameras everywhere. Ppl have to be careful in these situations. It all seems set up for TV the way he is doing it. Trying to get 15 mins of fame. Hes very grown now..He needs to just take care of his own family because you cant force sum1 to be a parent. If Willie is indeed his father and comes around then great if he doesnt come around just love your own family that much more and move on!


    He looks exactly like Big Willie!!

  • Its Bambi *itch!

    @Smokin’ Oh yeah..She raised up on him like a dude for the last 2 shows..The 1st time I was thinking maybe next week she’ll scale back but nope she raisd up again and for that reason I had to turn the channel.

    I think Brandy is nice just hurt and if you’re not showing/telling her how important she is then she falls apart..Not sure if it was a good move to air their mess. Willie’s failed structure in the home is a product of Ray’s conduct.

  • She said it.

    Danyelle. Now that is one fine brotha’ right there. Yes sir!

  • Ms. T.

    Sonia seems like the type that would cut Willie if he even thought twice about taking a DNA test. He needs to grow a spine and handle his business.

  • Homeboi

    @angielove2002-you hit the nail on the head sista! Somebody got a lot of explaining to do

  • B'More Honest

    You know, this C Dove guy seems really genuine in this search, and for all of you saying he is grown and should get over, how about you say “if that were me,I’d get over it!” You can’t tell this man how he should feel. I know a person who’s father acknowledged that he was indeed her father and said that he did not want anything to do with her, and she is an adult. She has a wonderful stepfather who did a better job than her father ever could have, however with no resentment or grudges she just wanted to meet her birth father and he refused. That’s low. If WILLIE NORWOOD is certain that he is not the father then take the test so C Dove can re-direct his search. plain and simple. I think Ms Sonja Norwood is trying to protect this squeaky clean image she wanted (from the Brandy on Moesha days), that Ray J and Brandy have already destroyed with their own scandalous antics. My last point is, even though he is an adult ,if he truly is the Son of Willie Norwood, it must be very hurtful to be ignored while you father plays such an active role in the lives of your half sister and brother. You need to be more Honest!

  • Black Barbie

    Willie Norwood doesn’t have to appear on camera to participate in a DNA test. However, if he chooses not to participate, it’s probably his legal right to refuse. At this point, there’s no court order compelling him to do so. And since he is married to someone other than Danyelle’s mother, he may not want to rock his family’s boat any further.

    I think Danyelle (I can’t decide which is worse…Danyelle or C-Dove) may have to wait until the reading of the will. And even then, he may not get his answer. So sorry.

  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    wish i could see the rest of this story. didn’t know anything about it. how old is he? was it during his marriage to sonja or before? could explain why she’s so damn hateful…

  • yes

    It’s possible that he was born before he married Sonya. He was born in 1975, that puts him at 35 years old. Brandy is 31. How long have they been together? If he was born pre Sonya, she has no right to be upset about it.

  • !!!!!


  • Interlude

    Being a single parent is an epidemic, not the parents that have lost the other parent due to death but the ones that are out her concieving children out of wedlock and not taking care of them once they are born. Now, the dude, Danyelle “C-Dove Brown seems desperate, lonely, and CRAZY. Danyelle shouldn’t be on his little webisodes calling Willie Norwood Sr. is father because the man did not take the test yet. He should not be calling Brandy and Ray-J Norwood his brother and sister because they don’t know him and he doesn’t know them. The picture up top could be of him as a fan of Ray-J’s.

    The reality is this man is trying to get his 15 minutes of fame. He advertised himself as C-Dove the whole time and not his mother given name. He wants the Norwoods to respect him as C-Dove getting money and doing his thing in the entertainment industry but, he didn’t ask Willie why he as a father step up and take care of him and try to be a father to him. He introduced his family but, the whole thing was just propaganda to me. If he wants a relationship with them, then stop with the DNA testing pressure especially in a public forum.

    You know the old saying, “Everybody has a twin somewhere.” I have a friend that has a son that looks like a young Damen Wayans but I know that Damen Wayans is not his daddy. He has good daddy but anywhooo, My point is—just because they look alike doesn’t mean they are related. I know a guy that looks like Ray-J and he is not Mr. or Mrs. Norwood son. Alot of people tell me I look like someone they know. So, the physical is not always the connecting factor.

    Willie also probably does not feel the need to take the test because he knows he does not have any other children out there in the world. You got to look at this at all sides of the box. Alot of people probably say that he is their father and Danyelle Brown maybe just another man trying to get his 15 minutes from this family. Alot of people may have told him that you look like Ray-J and he probably heard it enough times to believe it. And also, this could be a set up to make money. Mr. Brown made a money making k.n.i.t.c.h.

    If it is proven to be that Willie Norwood is Danyelle’s father, what next? The Norwood family may not want him in their lives and it is not going to be a bond between them. More importantly Willie may not want him to be apart of his life and he may not want to make up for lost time. Because in all honesty, he was an outside result of an affair and he basically is a mistake, for us chritians, a consequence of our sinful nature. Danyelle needs to let it go and raise his own children and be there for his oldest kids that are not in his presence. MOVE ON, MAN; MOVE ON FROM THIS PAIN.

  • Shut Up Sonia

    @Interlude aka Sonia, we get it, you dont want big Willie to take the DNA test geez

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