Two Words…”You’re Fired!!!”

- By Bossip Staff

It’s official–Mike Brown is “dunnzo”, “outta here” just plain “ghost” as the head coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers!
Pop the hood for details!

The LeBron James lackey was given his walking papers after a five-year stint with the team. Brown who won admiration for coaching the world’s most dominant and prominent basketball player at this time, along with two back-to-back seasons with the most wins in the league still couldn’t hold on to his job. All that winning and no championships made for an easy excuse for the Cavs to drop Brown.

At the same time it sucks to be anyone associated with the Cavs at this moment! Maybe this is a sign of favor from the ‘Almighty’ for Brown. With the impending free agency of Lebron James, to the rumors of his teammate giving his Mom the “full-court press!!!” Brown made out like a winner, or did he? Brown was expected to make $4.5 million next season if the Cavaliers picked up his option by the Sunday deadline. Well that didn’t happen! So he left with a little lightness in his pockets, but he now has free time to court ‘Bron Bron”s mama too!


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  • I don't date Black Americans

    The NBA is overrated anyway it is filled with uneducated black Americans who are ghetto in nature and thuggish in appearance.

  • LuvN_Life

    ditto @ ^

  • Ivy League Grad

    FYI – with the exception of a few individuals that embark upon the NBA straight out of high school majority of professional
    basketball players are drafted out of college; therefore, educated, regardless of race or ethnicity.

  • http:/ I don't date Black Americans

    @Ivy League Grad

    Educated in theory and by a default but have you actually heard one of them in an interview? The majority which would be 99.9% in this case sound like Junior Highschool dropout with their constant scrambling for words and inability to form a complete sentence without using the word “umm”, “ya na mean” and “yeah yeah”.

  • Reality

    98% are actually smarter than former president Bush.

  • witeshoes

    Good one Reality, I agree with you, Bush is as dumb as a box of rocks,it’s all subjective. There is a number of NBA players past and present,who got an education and rich at the same time. Now the rap industry, that’s another story….

  • n

    Oh, that’s Mike Brown

  • bicycle crazy

    **Off topic** – A guy from the NFL, last year while in England, during an interview said, “I didn’t even know that they spoke English over here.” WTF ?!

    @ Reality – I agree
    @ I don’t date… – I agree

    About Coach Brown – Everybody knows that LeBron needs help.

  • caribbeanjah

    I don’t know why anyone would play or coach in Clevland… At least he tried…

  • king

    Brown got outcoached by Doc Rivers. Great regukar season coach but definitely now playoff coach material

  • Lovly Olivia

    @ I don’t date black Americans, your an idiot, LeBron actually sounds fine in an interview as intellectual as any of his white sports counterparts. They are not rocket scientist, they play ball. You on the other hand, obviously have no life and are very infatuated with the people you claim to hate. Why sit on a black gossip site all day if you hate black folks? If you want to be like me, just ask, I can offer you some tips.

  • Lovly Olivia

    That way you can stop walking around with an effin chip on your shoulder all day, every day.

  • gregory jenkins

    @Lovely Olivia
    the reason I don’t Date Black Americans sits on this site & spew venom, is because he is an unemployed,insecure,little,individual who blames others for his fate. This isn’t a man, just a wanabee. The quicker these idiots realize we are all dependant on each other, the better!

  • mtymn

    I don’t

  • mtymn

    I don’t know why a person that claims to have so much disdain for black people would know anything about this site in the first place. I think he is full of sh*t.

  • jen

    lol@mtym….i agree, lets all ignore the first comment and not give the person the attention they are so desperate for

    anyway back to the topic its funny cuz when the cavs lost the series to the celts immediately after the game my friend called me and was like “mike gettin fired for this one” and we were crackin up. idk wats wrong with the cavs if it was the coaching or the players. but every game it was a one man show. LeBron tried so hard but the game is a team sport no matter how good one person is, if everyone else is just standing around there is no way they can suceed. thats why the celts and the lakers are doing so well. the knicks would do great with LeBron. cmon over to NY baby!

  • Diva

    Not surprised. 😦 Mike Brown was a good coach.

  • Set The Record Straight!!

    This is very “typical” of a majority white owned league to part ways with a great head coach in Mike Brown coach of the year in 2008-2009 plus 2 back to back sixty plus win seasons. During his run there The Cavs made the playoffs every year even the gifted “Lebron James” can’t win by himself!!!!! FOR THE RECORD UTAH JAZZ HEADCOACH ‘JERRY SLOAN’ HAS COACH THE JAZZ FOR 22 YEARS!!! NO CHAMPIONSHIP WHAT-SO-EVER!! THIS GUY HAS COACHED A FEW BITTER HALL OF FAMERS IN JOHN STOCKTON,KARL MALONE AND A FEW OTHERS!! YET HE GOT A CONTRACT EXTENSION LAST YEAR!!!!!!!

  • Mama Mila

    How do you fire a coach with the best record in the league but keep coaches like Jerry Sloan? Huh?

    You fire the coach cause LeBron CHOKED???? As he always does…..why do we call him King James again?

  • Rrrrroe Ski Love- A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

    Blacks always have to do three times as good as whites in order to receive their props. Why act surprised? For all of the dirt done to us over the years, God will avenge us. As a people, we have to learn from our mistakes and learn from theirs.

  • R_U_Trying_To_Prove_Her_Right?

    Somebody once said that there are only 2 kinds of pro team coaches:

    those who have been fired and those who are going to be fired.

    Bro’s number was just up.

  • LadyJNewYork

    This coach should’ve been “FIRED” I said that 2 seasons ago…He’s not teaching Lebron “disclipine” in basketball.

    Again, standing at the top of the key dribbling for 15-20 secs to run down the clock is NOT “pure” Basketball. If LEbron leaves Cleveland he won’t win unless he has the talent around him and a coach that can call him out and sit his azz down when he’s not doing what he should be as a “team” player on the court. (nothing against Lebron James, just my opinion) He’s a great player, but still has alot to learn!!!

  • Please

    Told you all this would happen. What this tells me is LeBron might possibly stay in Cleveland. But to be fair, some of those players need to get the boot too.

    Like Shaq, Mo Williams and Delonte West. Cleveland needs a to go after a shooter in the offseason. They should have hired Doug Collins, but too late…Doug is going to Philedelphia 76ers

  • Candid Canuck


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