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Elon Musk recently dropped a bombshell by revealing new accounts will soon have to pay $1 to use key features like tweeting and retweeting.

Since Tesla CEO Elon Musk took over X, formerly known as Twitter, it has undergone numerous changes.

Recently the website removed the ability for previews to be shared in links posted on the timeline.

Now according to The Verge, X is prepared to make its most drastic change yet.

X will begin to charge new users to the site a $1 yearly fee to access key features. Without the yearly fee, users will essentially only be able to scroll the timeline and look at tweets from active accounts.

Step One:

Phone Verification

-New accounts created on X, in these two countries, will first be required to verify their phone number.

Step Two:

-Select Your Subscription Plan

$1 USD Annual Fee (prices vary by country and currency).

New users will be able to perform certain actions on the web version of the platform: post content, Like posts, Reply, Repost and Quote other accounts’ posts, Bookmark posts.” read the websites updated terms of service.

The Verge adds that this move is key to the platform’s “Not A Bot” program to combat bots and spam.

“This won’t stop bots completely, but it will be 1000X harder to manipulate the platform,” Elon Musk said in a Tweet responding to rumors of the change.

So far, the $1 fee will only apply to New Zealand and the Philippines.

Many current users believe it will only be a matter of time before a subscription is required for everyone. Only time will if that becomes true, but with corporate greed, anything is possible.


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