When The Checks Stop Coming In: Real Housewife Of NJ Is Broke As Hell

- By Bossip Staff

Damn, apparently Teresa and her husband on the Real Housewives of New Jersey make $79K annually and owe $11M to creditors…

Free-spending “Real Housewives of New Jersey” diva Teresa Giudice and her husband, Joe, make just $79,000 a year and are up to their tanned necks in liens, foreclosures and unpaid bills, according to bankruptcy papers filed in Newark federal court.

The Giudices say they owe creditors $10,853,648.04.

Teresa, known for her lust for designer clothes and expensive bling on the Bravo show, owes nearly $20,000 on credit cards for Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus. In total, the Giudices show $104,000 in debt on at least eight credit cards. The bank has moved to foreclose on the Giudices’ $1.8 million, 10,500-square-foot, eight-bedroom, 5½-bath marble-and-onyx manse in Towaco, NJ, the couple moved into during the first season. Teresa and Joe defaulted on their $1,280-a-month payment for the family’s ubiquitous black Cadillac Escalade. They also didn’t have insurance on the massive SUV, according to GMAC.

Teresa — who this season told Joe to get a vasectomy — owes $12,000 to a Garden State fertility clinic. * Banks have taken the couple’s $279,000 four-bedroom Jersey Shore house. The Giudices had three mortgages on the house and owed $325,000. The couple also handed over a $200,000 home in Lincoln Park, NJ, that had four mortgages — and an outstanding debt of $600,000.

SMH. All these frontin’ a$s people on these reality shows need to stop and just be real. If you can’t afford all that bullsh*t, then you can’t afford it. Simple as that, simple f*cks.


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  • http://perryone779@yahoo,com rose by any other name # 9304026339482056536 ™

    I agree,, get away with these fake azz people. fronting and crap trying to be better than others… f all of them!

  • hateeveryonequally


  • nyob

    You mean the RHOA aren’t the only ones frontin’? Dare you say that white folks front too?!

    BRAVO needs to stop the foolishness and pull the plug on all of these fakers and drama-makers.

  • jia

    I love this show and I actually thought she may be spending far more than they actually had. No one on that show is rich except the Manzo’s, and you can see they work for it.

  • Its Bambi *itch!

    Oh no..not the flashy,big mouth,grown acting, bad kids having chick!

  • Its Bambi *itch!

    Dang they broke! She need to find a job.

  • 1987

    Damn, they only made $70k last year?! They both must have been just str8 sitting on their a.s.s.e.s throughout 2009!

  • Lily

    Not surprised, she spends way too much money on the show but it was never really apparent what her husband did to afford their lavish lifestyle.

  • huh?

    So this is just proof that rappers ain’t the only ones that are “false flossin”

  • myHusbandMonitorsMyInternetActivity

    Thats the money that they REPORT to the government. They probably have a lot of CASH under the table etc…. Thats how those kind of people roll

  • Blah

    This is probably why she carries around thousands of dollars in CASH. They probably owe so much money and get a lot that’s never reported to the IRS. I just saw the last episode where she was sayin how one of the other women need to get a job. SMH

  • miss dior

    What does the hubby do? And where did they get the money to build the marble and onyx mansion? Am not surprised something wasnt right about them.

  • nwilson

    I love that show! I always wondered what they did for a living though. That oldest daughter of hers is something else though. Hey, white people do this every day and get away with it. They’ll just file bankruptsy and that will be that. They know this and they are not worried. So I say, if you can do and get away with it, why not?

  • Don't Make NO Sense

    And she was talking all that sh*t about Danielle!!!! Karma is a B*TCH!!! God don’t like ugly. I knew something bad was gonna come to her after that ugly negative childish table flippin and crap that she was doing last seson. God’s not gonna let you act ugly and hateful like that someone and get away with it!!! LOL I know Danielle is CLOWNING right now LOL!!!

  • samech

    wow. I stopped wathching RHONJ last season. I love the NY one. Sorry to hear.

  • wendy

    wow…Teresa does shop like crazy on the show…Most of the stuff she is getting isn’t really needed..They need to start saving and paying back what they owe..if your going to front like you got it like that, make sure you can back it up and pay your bills!

  • nia

    I don’t believe that is all they made last year. If that is the case, they wouldn’t have been able to get the financing for all they own in the first place.

  • no problem

    I saw this coming they were living way beyond their means. I own a company and me n my husband still try to be smart with our money cuz even when you make a lot off money if your over spending then you can out spend what you bring in annually they only thing I spent big on is the land I live on but our house is not overly huge. She was an idiot on the show n she couldn’t afford that life. I know cuz I have friends who own construction companies and it all went downhill for them when the economy flopped.

  • no problem

    Oh yeah her husband construction company wasn’t even that big.

  • http://www.stylebyraina.com The Stylist

    Wow, that’s awful…when keeping up with the Jones’s goes WRONG!

  • MzFitt

    I’m not surprised! Joisey Girls…LOL…

  • SnakeEyes

    And they have the nerve to talk about the Real Housewives of Atlanta! She’s been broke though from my understanding. Don’t see how she spends the money that she does and then have more kids on top of that!

  • MisSloVely.

    SMH. i would be lieing if i said i am shocked i hope the didnt do this all for tv because at the end of they day they are literally in debt for the rest of thier lives unless if they magically get millions of dollars they are screwed hey stop buying things you have no means of paying for; anything can happen in this economy you can have money one day and the next day have nothing

  • Ne Ne aka iB@S

    No this heffa ain’t broke, I know!
    And have the nerve to be flashy…
    Then talking about Danielle need a job…rolls eyes
    I can’t take her serious…shes an airhead!
    She didn’t know that there are diamonds in Africa.
    I see why Danielle told her to pay attention puh-lease… Lmao
    don’t even get me started on her bad kids (miliania) sp… I can get a belt wear her lil butt out

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