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Alexis Skyy Reveals Iconic Kardashian Moment That Happened At Diddy’s 50th Birthday Party

For this week’s episode we were joined by model, entrepreneur and reality star Alexis Skyy. The interview took place back in late October — but ironically we touched on a subject that’s been in the headlines as of late — Diddy and his famous parties! Every episode we ask our guests to tell us about one of their most interesting celebrity encounters. It turns out that some of Alexis’ most memorable ones have happened at Diddy parties.

“I had an iconic moment with the Kardashians, we were all waiting in the bathroom together,” Alexis Skyy recalled. “I was at Diddy’s 50th birthday party and I was in their section. We were partying together so I met Kim and Kylie and Khloe. So super sweet. They knew about my daughter. They asked about Lay Lay. I’m like ‘Oh my God, they really know about me?!’.”

Kardashian/Jenners aside, Alexis Skyy’s daughter Alaiya narrowly missed being born at a different Diddy party.

“My water broke at Diddy’s New Year party, but I didn’t know I was having contractions,” Alexis Skyy revealed to the Alright, So… Boom! hosts. “I didn’t really know. I thought I was using the bathroom a lot. I was actually going into labor… I started feeling sick and I didn’t really know what contractions were like, my mom wasn’t there. When I got off the plane on the first, my water broke that day but you know she was still young so they had to lgive me a steroid shot to keep her in, but then she decided she was coming out, so she came out on the 4th.”

Sounds like Alaiya was born to be litty — kinda like her mom. Alexis also spoke to the ASB crew about motherhood and doing her part to protect her daughter.

“I have a six-year-old, going on like 30, it’s mom life,” Alexis said. “It’s ups and downs, it’s finding balance. I think know I’m more mindful when it comes you know protecting my brand and the things that I’ve put out on the Internet because back then I didn’t really think she can grow up and it’ll follow her, she’ll be in school like, ‘Oh your mom did this or your mom did that,’ so now I’m more so cleaning my image and just trying to make sure that you know she’s able to be like, ‘That’s my mom,’ yand nobody has anything negative to really say.”

While Alexis says that dating Fetty Wap push started her career, she also told the podcast that she always had a sense she’d find fame some day.

“I’ve always been kind of famous, like my own way and I’ve always kind of been like popular my whole life,” Alexis Skyy recalled. “I knew I was gonna be like a star when I was younger. I was prom queen and you know things like that so I’ve always just been like an IT girl. In my yearbook I put that I was going to be famous. I’ve been in the industry for almost 10 years now.”

Alexis also opened up about her experiences as a teenage runaway and sex trafficking survivor. She now advocates for sex trafficking victims and young mothers.

“I’m at a comfortable stage to speak on it, but nobody wants to keep hearing about it. I’m in a space where I’m trying to let go, but can you ever really let it go? I try not to replay it but I think a part of therapy is speaking on it and using my voice to speak on it is super important. There are different ways of trafficking nowawdays and I recently did a summit on that. I didn’t realize so many girls have gone missing I think it’s super important that if you have the influence and you’re able to help that you do it. One of my goals is to one day create a Skyy House — a safe house for women.”

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