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All The Queen’s Men star Christian Keyes broke his silence about years of alleged “sexual harassment” from a powerful “billionaire” in Hollywood he says tried to climb in bed with him and offered $100,000 to strip. “If you thought that Diddy s**t was crazy, you don’t even know…”

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The actor spoke his difficult truth on Friday night in an hour-long Instagram Live. Keyes revealed that he’s resigned to “taking the scenic route” in his career after turning down alleged offers to take his clothes off for money or return to a private residence after auditioning for a role. “I didn’t sell my soul or my a** for success,” he confessed.

Keyes hopes people will believe him when he names the “shady and predatory” beloved public figure. He claims to have recordings of the misconduct dating back nearly 20 years.

“At some point soon, it’s going to have to come out. I kept one of these on me since ’05,” he said, holding up a digital voice recorder pen.

“Whether it’s a keychain recorder or a pen because most predators would check your phone. Once the sexual harassment started, I was like, ‘I need to protect me. I’m saying no, and I don’t want this person, as powerful as they are, to try to get in the way of my work.’ So I started recording.”

According to IMDb, in 2005, Keyes made his feature film acting debut in Tyler Perry’s Diary of a Mad Black Woman. He performed in several stage plays, series, and independent films for the next decade, including recurring roles in Supernatural, The Family Business, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, The Young and the Restless, and 9-1-1.

Christian Keyes Promises To Come Forward To The Police With His Receipts And Recordings Of Alleged Harassment

Keyes is best known for starring in Saints & Sinners, In Contempt, and most recently, All the Queen’s Men. He also appeared in The Boys and Reasonable DoubtThe Detroit native did not go into detail about who harassed him throughout his decades of acting but promised to expose them soon.

“I want to tell it on the mountain, over the hills and everywhere. I want to speak on it. The good news is that they don’t even have to believe me. Hopefully they do, but if they don’t, they can hear this person. Since the sexual harassment started, I’ve carried many recorder devices on me: keychains, pens, thumb drives, all of the above.

“I really want to air that s**t out because that bothers me when I’m alone at night. Man, the world is celebrating this person and they don’t even know the shady and predatory way this person moves. Predators resent the prey that gets away, so when you don’t say yes, when you don’t say ‘ok, I’ll acquiesce and literally and figuratively play ball,’ because we not doing that, they resent you.”

Keyes also said this powerful person felt comfortable with the misconduct because he allegedly claimed “he had multiple young Black men on the payroll. And they would just show up when he requested them to be there.”

Despite hinting at multiple other alleged victims, Keyes referenced confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements that may keep them quiet. However, he explained that these contracts don’t prevent him from turning over evidence of criminal activity.

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The proud father emphasized that he doesn’t have any attraction to men, but “these people kept on for years. Sexual harassment is a crime. Attempted sexual assault is a felony,” he repeated. He also offered to take multiple polygraph tests to prove that he was telling the truth.

Keyes got emotional about these situations, which kept him up at night over the years. “Some of the people you think are your mentors are literally and figuratively trying to f**k you,” he said.

Read more about Christian Keye’s accusations of a “billionaire” offering him $100,000 to strip and allegedly sexually assaulting him after the flip.

Christian Keyes Accuses Unnamed “Billionaire” Of  Offering Him $100,000 To Strip And Allegedly Grabbing His Penis

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Even when he wasn’t working with or for the people who allegedly harassed him, Keyes claims these unnamed people continued to proposition him. In addition to acting roles, he said he turned down $100,000 to strip, which he says he recorded.

“I wasn’t working for him the month and the year that he showed up to my apartment and offered me $100,000 to take my clothes off. ‘I don’t even need to touch you. I just want to see you naked.’ I declined,” Keyes said.

He continued, “I recorded it because I didn’t trust him. I told him over and over, but he would still always try s**t. So, if people don’t believe me, they can hear him in his voice. I have always kept something on me.”

The BET+ star shared that he has several recordings and backups he plans to send to the police. He worried about the other people put in the same compromising positions.

“I can press play and you’ll recognize the voice immediately asking me to strip for $100K. You’ll know right away, and it will break your heart. “

Following the alleged offer to strip, Keyes said he has documentation from the man offering to buy him a car as an apology. He braced himself to be “painted as the villain” after years of reported abuse, intimidation, and harassment because this person is “deified.”

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In another alleged incident, Keyes was sleeping off a night of drinking after an event in this person’s home. He said the man tried to climb into bed with him and “blamed it on the alcohol.” After trying to forgive and leave with a handshake, Keyes says the man grabbed his penis instead of his hand.

It’s “never been about money,” for Keyes, who said he intentionally let the statute of limitations expire. Cassie coming forward with the bombshell abuse lawsuit against Diddy inspired the actor to come forward.

“I’m not blaming myself for saying no. I’m not blaming myself for almost quitting acting. I’m mad at myself for not being brave enough to say something sooner. That’s the only thing I regret,” he continued.

Keyes recalled his own desperation for money and opportunities at the time, “I was broke as f**k.” He teared up thinking about the similarly struggling men “on the payroll” who “do whatever he wants.”

“If you think that Diddy s**t was crazy, you don’t even know,” Keyes continued. “I didn’t want to be the person who broke y’all heart.”

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