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Christmas is time for presents

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Christmas is almost here and if you’re scrambling to gather your gifts, we’re here with gift ideas for everyone.

It’s that wonderful time of year when you have to find time to shop for your nearest and dearest friends while maintaining an adult life. By now you know BOSSIP has your back and will help ease the burden with our wonderful guides. For this Christmas let us hold your hand and walk you through our virtual gift guide with gift ideas for everyone. No matter what they love we’ve got a gift idea that’ll have them smiling from ear to ear when they open their present. All you need is your credit card and Wifi and a nice refreshment, sounds easy right?

We will include links for every item so all you have to do is click and order. If you’re lucky, you might be able to get some gifts before December 25. Don’t forget to check the next page for all the best stocking stuffers you can imagine.

This guide has gifts for tech nerds, gamers, make-up enthusiasts, foodies, faux bartenders, travelers, adventurers, singles, and more.

ZGamer video games and digital entertainment festival in Zaragoza

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Meta VR Headsets

It’s the gift that can turn Christmas into one of the most memorable yet. If you’re wondering if someone will like it, trust us they will, even if they aren’t a gamer. It has several unexpected uses such as watching concerts and sports games from a courtside view.

You can pick one up from Meta’s Official Website, or your local Best Buy.


Source: JOSH EDELSON / Getty

Meta’s RayBan Glasses

The Meta Glasses will become a useful feature for those who like capturing memories. Some of us do not want to carry a camera, then snap a video or picture, then upload it to the computer. This process doesn’t involve a computer and is easy to use. You can also listen to music with the glasses and ask for help with everyday life. Checkout the demo frCheck outbelow if you don’t believe us.

Pick up from Meta’s website or Best Buy

Microsoft Surface Bundle Green

Source: Microsoft / Microsoft

Microsoft Surface Pro 9 & Accessories (Tablet, Pen, & Headphones)

Regardless if you’re shopping for someone going to college or replacing an old tablet or computer, the Surface is the perfect gift. Now available in a beautiful Forest Green, it’s a stunning gift sure to turn heads. Additionally, you can grab the Surface Pro 9, Surface Pen and Surface headphones 2 for the ultimate gift bundle.





Beauty influencer Jackie Aina’s FORVR MOOD candle and fragrance line is continuing to bring warmth and style to any space.



Price: $38, $143


The brand reports that FORVR mood can elevate your holiday season with the enchanting scents that Jackie meticulously crafted and curated with festive names like ‘Holly Berry”, “Burr” and “State of Pine.”

FORVR Mood New Core Collection



Price: $42.00


PieCaken From Goldbelly

If you have family or friends out of town you won’t see for the holidays and want to send something special this is it. It’s delicious and stunning and most importantly will be unexpected.

You can order one for you loved ones from Goldbelly.


Another cake we highly recommend is SusieCake’s Vanilla Celebration Cake. A very simple tasty holiday present. If a cake is too much, they have a variety of other options. We recommend the chocolate chip cookies.

You can shop the site here.


Lumineux Whitening Strips

These best-selling whitening strip products on Amazon make for a great stocking stuffer.


Source: Lumineux / Lumineux

Lumineux® is a body of clinically proven and rigorously tested products that go above and beyond existing oral care to neutralize the mouth’s harmful toxins while maintaining its natural ecosystem. The brand’s signature Whitening Strips are the best-selling whitening product on Amazon with over 16,000 reviews and are known to whiten teeth incredibly well without the sensitivity.


Source: Lumineux / Lumineux

Bowers & Wilkin Px8 Headphones

Audiophiles have a different taste level when it comes to how they consume audio. Standard headphones won’t cut it and don’t you dare bring a pair of “fashionable name brand” headphones as a gift. Bowers & Wilkins does audio best and have headphones for higher taste buds of audio. The Px8 is a great selection for headphones and if speakers are more practical the 600 S3 are perfect for an enhanced listening experience.

Solo Stove

Snoop Dogg’s trolling rollout for the smokeless stove was a classic, but even better the product is legit. The smokeless fire pit is perfect for every backyard and outdoor occasion. You can grab it on Amazon, Lowes and everywhere outdoor products are sold.

International Brands In Poland

Source: NurPhoto / Getty

Nintendo Switch (OLED)

The Switch is another fun console an entire family can enjoy and not just children. The new OLED model is the perfect way to unwind for anyone even non-gamers. With titles like Super Smash Bros, Animal Crossing and more there’s something for everyone.

You can grab one at Best Buy or Target.

ProXR Pickle Ball Paddles

Pickle Ball is exploding across the world and if you are shopping for someone who partakes in the sport look no further. This is the gift for them no need to over think it. You can pick up the paddles here.

Clearcast Headphones

Source: Clearcast / ClearCast


Do not forget those with trouble hearing this holiday season. ClearCast slips around the neck and allows the user to adjust the volume and hear convestations louder and clearer. Do yourself a favor and eliminate repeating yourself this holiday season.

Simply slip on the neckband, insert the earbuds, and adjust the volume to hear conversations through the microphone inside the neckband. For more severe hearing loss or when the speaker is farther away, place the separate wireless mic near the source of the sound and it will route the conversation directly to the earbuds. There’s need to fiddle with hearing aids or wear the ClearCast all day – just use it when you need it. Ideal for homebound seniors.

Tempo “Move”

If fashionable workout experiment is the gift you want to give but can’t find it, Tempo has you covered. Everything needed for a nice in home workout comes included, you can also design it to perfection. If you want something more in-depth Tempo’s Studio is also a great option. If you need something with less bells and whistles Tempo’s Core is the perfect gift.

FlexiSpot E7 Standing Desk

The perfect upgrade for anyone’s office is a standing desk. Now more than ever more people are working from home and why not make the job more comfortable for them. Flexispot has several solutions and if the desk is too much you can always grab a FlexiSpot chair.

Kaleidoscope Soulfed Products

Source: Kaleidoscope / Kaleidoscope

Kaleidoscope Hair “Soulfed” Collection

Gifting hair products can be rather boring, but Kaleidoscope has found a way to make it fun for the gifted and receiver. The ‘Soulfed’ collection has incorporated food into the names with A+ packaging sure to set off your taste buds before Christmas dinner.

Char Crust

Source: Char Crust / Char Crust

Char Crust Rubs

There is absolutely no better gift for the griller in your life than Char Crust rubs. If you’re shopping for someone with an Egg, Blackstone, or any expensive grill on their patio this is the perfect sidekick for their cooking routine. Additionally, you can find amazing recipes for the rubs here.

Captain Experiences

Source: Captain Experiences / Captain Experiences

Captain Experiences

Some gift-givers only give experiences and we understand that. Captain Experiences is perfect for the outdoorsy person in your life. With over 1,300 experiences from fishing, backpacking, rock climbing and mountain biking the options are endless. Also, it’s a gift that you benefit from as well.

Homey Pro

In the year of 2023 smart homes are becoming the hottest trend and why not give the gift of connectedness for the holidays? In 3 minutes a person can have their home integrated and use their everyday electronics from their phone. You can pick one up at Best Buy, Home Depot or Amazon.

Float Factory Pool Inflatables

While it’s probably not the time of year to be dipping in the pool, a unique gift idea is a pool inflatable. Float Factory has several to choose from and is the gift that reminds you summer will soon return. The Racing Pool Float is arguably the best out of the collection if we do say so.

Youtube Music Streaming App

Source: Future Publishing / Getty

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE

Samsung’s Galaxy Tablet with Built-in Wifi can be a lifesaver. This gift is definitely one for your close family due to the connectivity aspect, but you can also purchase a wifi only version as well.


Source: JUNG YEON-JE / Getty

Samsung S23 & Galaxy Watch 6

One of the most obvious Christmas gifts can be a phone upgrade. Of course, a new Galaxy is a great gift, but go a step further and grab a watch to go along with it. It’s the perfect combination to keep a person connected at all times.

Vessel Ashtray / Accessories

When it comes to gift giving for the smokers in your life, Vessel’s ashtray has storage and feels like a piece of art. Plus they also have an entire line of other accessories that will turn heads.

Quest Love Advent Calendar

Source: Balvenie / Balvenie

Quest Love’s Holiday Advent Calendar in partnership with The Balvenie Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Quest Love curated a collection of 12 premium items any whiskey enthusiast would love. From cards to chocolates to game cards, its a great Advent Calendar. Before you ask, yes one bottle of Balvenie DoubleWood 12 is included.

Personally curated by Questlove, The Craft of Holiday Entertaining advent calendar includes 12 premium items including a limited-edition deck of Quest for Craft playing cards, Glencairn tasting glasses, bespoke holiday chocolates, and a QR code to redeem a bottle of The Balvenie DoubleWood 12 via Thirstie or Caskers, and more – making it the perfect gift for holiday hosts and whisky enthusiasts alike!

Purple Brand Jeans

Source: Purple / Purple Brand Jeans

Purple Denim

Every Christmas one clothing brand is just hotter than the others and is sought after by every stylish person you know. This year Purple has the crown and is perfect for you stylist friend and loved ones. Their latest collaboration with lifestyle brand Blue Sky Inn is available here.

Tinder x Coi Leray Matchmaker Launch

Source: Tinder / Tinder

Tinder Gift Cards

One of the funniest gifts you can grab for your single friends and loved one’s this holiday season has to be Tinder’s gift cards. Those super likes go quick and aren’t cheap to buy so why not help out with the cost this holiday season.

Christmas card with Santa's boot

Source: Yuliia / Getty

Stocking Stuffers are almost as difficult to think of as the main gifts but don’t fret we have you covered, again. A vast selection of options that can perfectly compliment any holiday gift.

Gear Hugger

All those neat gifts need maintain and up keep, don’t wait til it’s too late and you need the products. Gear Hugger offers Heavy Duty Degreaser, Lubricants, and more.

Big Daves Cheesesteaks All-Purpose Seasoning

Big Daves has finally released their signature seasoning and it’s perfect for any grill master in your life.

Martell’s Blue Swift Rhythm Gift Set

Perfect for any dark spirits drinker and comes with glasses, and a GQ code that links to cocktail recipes and music playlists.

Step One Foods

Every holiday there is one person who is reshaping their relationship with food. What better way to support them than snacks that will lower their cholesterol in a hurry.

Zojirushi Mastro Breadmaker

It’s one thing to give a bread maker but it’s another to give the highest rated bread maker that can produce 1 lb of bread. You’ve seen it all over social media and surely someone has asked you for it. Make their dream come true this Christmas.


Mananalu is shaking up the water business and is founded by Jason Momoa. With Aquaman releasing the promo has the brand popping up everywhere with everyone wanting to try it. Additionally, for every bottle sold one is removed from the ocean.

Pure Parima

Any gift that is gifting cozy vibes is always a win and Certified Egyptian Cotton products are cream of the crop. It’s the gift that gives better shut-eye and elite self-care. Pure Parima offers sheets, duvets, robes, throws, bath essentials and more.

Teeling 33 Year Old Whiskey

Source: Teeling / Teeling

Teeling 33 Year-Old

Limited to only 5,000 bottles per batch with only 300 in the United States this is the ultimate gift for a supreme whiskey sipper. Yes the price is $3,699, but it is the giving season right?

Don Julio Limited Edition ‘1942’ Illumination Bottle

If you want to give someone a familiar gift with a little flare this 1942 illuminated bottle is perfected. Right when you didn’t think the bottle could be any more beautiful they surprised us for the holidays.

Forever Young Rose

If you need a stocking stuffer for a wine lover surprise them with their new favorite brand they didn’t know they needed.

Samsung Galaxy Tag

Your Samsung Galaxy using friends will be blown away by the latest addition to the Galaxy family. Track all sorts of items right from the Galaxy phone.

Ziba Food Snacks

A small, uniquely curated selection of wild-grown dried fruits and nuts from Afghanistan is perfect for a friendly gift exchange.


Don’t forget your Gluten free friends, MOYU has several selections that will make them smile.

Cats On Catnip: A Psychedelic Coloring Book Journey

After being wrongfully banned, the book has gone viral and has every one of all ages breaking out the crayons and remembering how fun coloring can be.

Zeiss Warm Eye-Masks

Zeiss has created a solution for people who stare at laptops and phone screens for long hours. It’s the perfect gift for anyone you know who does so.

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