If a story starts with “Alright, so boom,” you know it’s about to be a good one.

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That’s the vibe of our brand-new podcast of the same name, hosted by Nzinga Imani, Rae Holliday and Janeé Bolden. Digging into the origin stories of celebs is kind of our thing, and every week, we’ll go into all the behind-the-scenes details about your faves.

For Episode 4, we welcomed none other than rapper and actress LightSkin Keisha to the couch to discuss everything from her internet fame to her stint on reality TV doing Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta as well as acting alongside Larenz Tate on Power Book II: Ghost. She even opened up about her family life, plans for her baby shower, push present and more!

We kicked things off by asking Keisha about a shocking encounter with a celebrity and she revealed that she had a really cool online exchange with Rihanna.

“I was just being funny or whatever, just doing something goofy or whatever and The Shaderoom posted it on the blogs and then Rihanna had DM’d me, like she thought it was funny,” Lightskinned Keisha told the Alright, So… Boom! podcast. “We had like a cool little conversation or whatever but I was just like, ‘Damn like I’m really out here!’ I love me some Rihanna, she’s just so, like bossy to me. “

The ASB hosts suggested that LightSkin Keisha and her boo Coco Vango might want to invite the Fenty mogul to her upcoming shower — which ironically happened this past weekend. During the interview, Keisha revealed she was looking forward to the event for one reason in particular.

“The baby shower is gonna be fie, and you know what’s gonna be fie? That Rotel dip!” LightSkin Keisha told the ASB pod she had a conversation with her partner Coco Vango about the menu she wanted for the celebration of their unborn son. “Listen, I don’t play about the menu. He was like, ‘Well, I just know people that could do this and do that or whatever.’ I’m like, ‘I don’t want none of that fancy a** shi*!’ I want the baby shower food. I can’t wait to get my chip in the Rotel dip.”

Listen, we feel her. That Rotel be hittin’.

Speaking of hits — after a quick trip down memory lane discussing her favorite moments from Martin, LightSkin Keisha opened up about acting on the STARZ series Power Book II: Ghost.

“It’s a little challenging because, our show, it’s like you gotta be a little bit more serious right, but we be having a ball off camera,” LightSkin Keisha detailed before adding, “But of course, being in the same room as Larenz Tate, you gotta be up on your game. Every time I see him, this man challenges me and he don’t even know it. He just knows all his lines! I kind of have that gift too. I know my stuff or whatever, all I got to do is look at it like once or twice and I just know it. But it’s just like, the way that he does it is just so natural. It’s so inspirational but I love it because I challenge myself to be able to become a better actress every single season.”

LightSkin Keisha also revealed during her Alright, So… Boom! podcast interview that she almost passed on Love & HipHop Atlanta because she’d already secured her role on Ghost when she got the offer.

“I was already on the show, I was already on Power when the whole reality thing came about,” LightSkin Keisha told ASB. “It was a situation where I was just like, ‘Do I even really want to do this?’ Because I’m already here. Reality TV is not always reality… I was already filming and doing stuff with Power and I was like ‘You know what? We’ll try it out.”

The episode included a lot more gems from LightSkin Keisha as well, including how she refuses to let out-of-pocket, internet critics upset her peace.

“I started out as this whole internet sensation, I know the internet — I still do but now it’s like to the point to where sometimes like I have to give myself a break because it just becomes so negative and you can really get consumed into what’s going on and I don’t want to be consumed into that, I want to snap into reality,” LightSkin Keisha reflected.

Instead, the expectant mom says when things get overwhelming she’ll step away from social media and do something positive.

“I’ll just try to do something productive, whether that be with my brand or researching certain stuff about what I want to do, about starting another business or making other investments. I don’t want to be consumed into the dramas of the world and what’s on the news, what’s posted on the blogs and stuff like that. I might just chill watch a movie, take my mind away. I’m a 90’s baby, I’m so blessed that I was able to experience life before social media. These days people don’t understand what that feels like.”

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