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Angela Rye claims former CNN lead anchor Chris Cuomo sent inappropriate texts calling her “tinsel crotch.”

Angela Rye x Chris Cuomo

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The Daily Mail reports Rye shared the story of sexual harassment on her new podcast, Native Land Pod, with co-hosts Andrew Gullium and Tiffany Cross. Rye revealed the incident on the podcast’s premiere episode.

Angela Rye Says Cuomo’s “Tinsel Crotch” Comment Was One Of “The Most Embarrassing, Humiliating Experiences”

Rye claims at the top of 2021, the 53-year-old texted her, “Happy New Year, tinsel crotch.” Cuomo accompanied the crass comment with a screenshot of an Instagram photo Angela posted wearing a sequin swimsuit.

The political commentator, who regularly appeared on the anchor’s show Cuomo Primetime, was expectedly “stunned.” She labeled the incident one of “the most embarrassing, humiliating experiences” she’s endured.

The 44-year-old overflowed with emotion as she spoke about the incident, “My story is one that I never thought I’d tell and sits at the intersection, frankly, of power and harassment.”

Rye continued, “It all began on New Year’s Day when I posted a picture of myself looking forward to the new year in a gold sequin bikini.” The CEO of Impact Strategies said, “I read and re-read [the message] a dozen times trying to understand.”

“I felt like the safest place I had on a show on CNN had been compromised,” she added. “I ignored it just hoping it would go away, or even more, ‘Did I imagine this? A few hours later he said ‘Hello.'”

Rye said she chose to ignore the rude remark, “I didn’t respond for two more days despite his plea the next day to call to discuss work.”

Like many women who face sexual harassment in professional settings she, “was afraid to speak up. I felt like if I called him out I was risking everything I was finally starting to build with the network.”

Despite stating he wanted to discuss work, Angela shared that her former colleague refused to keep it professional. Cuomo continued to mention her “tinsel bikini” and “tinsel bottom.”

See why CNN fired both Chris Cuomo and Angela Yee shortly after the alleged “tinsel crotch” sexual harassment after the flip.

CNN Fired Angela Rye Weeks After Chris Cuomo’s Alleged Sexual Harassment

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Three weeks later, on January 21, CNN declined to renew Rye’s contributor contract. A network executive reportedly cited a pivot to more COVID coverage as opposed to political commentary. Shortly thereafter, CNN hired two Black contributors for half of her pay.

Angela asserts her response to the sexually laced message from Cuomo most likely led to her abrupt firing.

The media maven alleged Cuomo texted her last year from a new phone number asking if he angered her.

Rye said, “Chris, you texted me from a new number last year asking if I’m mad at you.”

“I was, but I was really mad at myself. I was mad at myself for not saying anything sooner because I was lacking courage and preferring my financial wellbeing over my mental health,” she continued.

Angela expressed that the workplace where she once felt protected was anything but.  She added, “I felt like the safest place I had on a show on CNN had been compromised.”

The TV personality admits not going public about the incident made her feel weak and ashamed. “I cannot begin to tell you how much I felt like, even now, feel like a coward,” she said.

CNN Fired Chris Cuomo Less Than A Year Later For Allegedly Assisting A Cover-up About Sexual Harassment

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Chris has yet to respond to Rye’s claims. CNN fired Cuomo that year for accusations of using the position to assist his older brother, former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, in overcoming sexual assault accusations.

The NewsNation host allegedly used his media connections to give his brother’s staff a heads-up on new stories about him. Although Andrew claims the allegations against him, he ultimately resigned in August 2021.

The criminal charges against him were later dropped. The younger sibling is currently suing CNN for $60 million over what he says is an unwarranted firing.

After Rye ended her story, her co-host and friend Tiffany attempted to comfort her. “We’ve all experienced something like that, as you know, from civil rights leaders to members of Congress to people we know,” she said, referencing sexual harassment.

Cross then shared her experience with a prominent activist, “There’s a civil rights leader who used to call me and say: ‘I just want to talk to the twins,’ referring to my breasts.” She did not reveal the identity of the alleged perpetrator.

Angela has always been one to speak up for Black America. On Thursday, she was able to do the same so admirably for herself. Check out the full first episode of Native Land Pod below.

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