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A Houston woman who took the Internet by storm in 2023 is back in the news after a report from Click2Houston revealed more sordid details about the viral incident.

BOSSIP previously reported on the triggering story told by the woman who was then identified as Rho Bashe and is now identified as 33-year-old Roda Osman. Click 2 reports that prosecutors have now criminally charged Osman with felony theft by deception for the $40,000 that she raised via her GoFundMe campaign following the controversy.


As you might imagine, this story is a clusterf**k of a story that is more than a bit convoluted, however, we’ll do our best to break it down as simply as possible.

Originally, Osman told police that she was hit in the head with a brick after denying a man her phone number. She also said she believed the culprit was her Uber driver who attempted to kidnap her as part of a human trafficking ring with other women.

Per Click 2 Houston, during the investigation, Osman’s friend who was there that night told police that she did not believe that Osman was attacked with a brick nor were either of the two men they were with Uber drivers. The unidentified friend did recall hearing Osman say “Ouch – why you hit me?!” from the backseat of the car but never heard an argument.

During a second interview with Osaman, police say she changed her story to say that she was attacked at  Liquid Lounge Club, not an Uber vehicle. but “became upset” when detectives began to ask more probing questions.

Detectives were able to locate a surveillance camera that was in the area where the alleged brick beating took place and the footage marked Sept. 3, 2023, allegedly shows a very different version of the story Osman than the two that she told them. In it, she’s seen being struck by a water bottle by a man named Olan Douglas.

The video shows four people, Osman, her friend, Olan Douglas, and another man walking into TikTalk Garden lounge and exiting 20 minutes later. It also shows Osman dancing on Douglas while he leans against a white Maserati in the parking lot before all four of them get inside.

Minutes later, Douglas and Osman exit the vehicle in an argument and Douglas is seen hitting her in the face with a water bottle, getting into another car, and driving away. Nothing on that video shows a brick being thrown or used threateningly against her.

On Sept. 4, 2023, the day after the incident was reported to police, Osman had reportedly amassed $42,302 in her GoFundMe account.

Houston Prosecutor Speaks On Surveillance Footage, Osman Proclaims Her Innocence

Keith Houston, the Cybercrimes Chief Prosecutor at the Harris County District Attorney’s Office, told Click 2 that none of the evidence verifies what Osman claims happened to her with a brick.

Instead, he believes she was part of “mutual combat” with a water bottle.

“No. That was not verified,” said Houston. “They were able to find video of the defendant and another person who we believe was the accused assaulter. They got into a car, they both got out of the car, and the defendant slapped the male, who then responded by slapping her back. He did have a water bottle in his hand. And we think that’s what left the mark on her, on her face. But it was mutual combat,” Houston said.

He also said there are allegations that Osman was part of a Minnesota GoFundMe scam in 2020.

“Somebody who saw the story contacted the police here and informed them that she had done the exact same thing in Minnesota in 2020,” Houston said to Click 2.

“The only thing I know is that the web page was still up when we did our charging documents. (Detective) verified with Minneapolis police that there was no assault. And at that time, it was completely fictional. And it was her former roommate, I believe that reported it or somebody that she knew reported it,” Houston said.

The prosecutor added that she has not cooperated with the investigation and “that is why she’s being charged.”

‘I first came into this investigation back around Thanksgiving time,” said Houston per Click 2. “And at that time, the detective was trying to get the defendant to come in and talk and see what exactly was going on here. The only reason we charged this now, what we did is because she just hasn’t come in. They’ve given her several opportunities to come in, and she’s just not shown up.”

On Instagram, Osman denied the GoFundMe stealing allegations.

“I actually have things going on in my life,” she said on her InstaStory. “I actually have real ways to make money. I don’t have to get a GoFundMe for money. I actually can earn income because I’m actually educated and I actually am talented.”



At this time, Osman has not been arrested but it sounds like that may change very soon. We’ll provide more information as the story develops.


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