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This takes family feuds to another level. Doja Cat’s older brother is denying claims he knocked the Grammy-winner’s teeth out.

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Page Six reports that paparazzi approached Raman Dalithando Dlamini was as he walked past a public baseball field. The 30-year-old not only claimed that he was unaware a restraining order was filed against him. He also said that he somehow had no idea who the singer, his sister, was.

After the papps pressed him further, Raman acknowledged that he knew Doja, stating he “hasn’t seen anybody in years.” Before the video ended, he asserted, “There is no story.”

Doja’s mom, Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer, filed a temporary restraining order. Sawyer claimed her son physically assaulted the “Demons” singer on Jan. 12. According to docs obtained by Page Six, the chart-topping artist was beaten so badly by her brother that her teeth were knocked out.

Sawyer made the filing in the Los Angeles Superior Court against her son, Raman. She claims he left several cuts and bruises on her daughter—born Amala Ratna Zadile Dlamini.

“Raman has verbally assaulted her in a very degrading and demeaning manor [sic],” which has made the 28-year-old Grammy winner “feel unsafe and traumatized”, the documents state.

In addition, she stated Amala’s older brother stole and damaged some of her daughter’s possessions. Sawyer added over the past year, Raman has been physically abusive to her “several times” and threatened to kill her. The filing revealed in early January, the most recent incident of violence occurred at the hands of her son.

Doja Cat’s Mother Has Filed Restraining Orders Against Her Son Raman In The Past

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This isn’t the first restraining order she has placed on her eldest child. Sawyer has been granted temporary restraining orders against Raman since 2017. Her newest request was granted by a judge pending a hearing for a permanent order of protection. Doja, however, must file a restraining order request before she is granted the same protection.

Social media had mixed reactions to the news that Doja’s brother allegedly physically injured her. Some met the news with compassion, while others crazily found it comical.

One user tweeted via, “Hoping she puts him FAR away from her and Doja… nobody deserves to be physically abused.

Someone else added,  she talks so highly of him in interviews… he’s sick.”

Others believe his character is indicative of stereotypical South African men, considering his father is from the country on Africa’s southernmost tip.

One X user tweeted, “A typical South African man. Very on brand. I hope Doja gets a restraining order against him too.”

Others met the Billboard award winner with distasteful jokes.

One user quipped, “Her brother did it in the name of Jesus after he found out she sold her soul to Lucifer.”

Another chimed in, “that’s crazy but it must be hard having a satanic sister.”

The “Paint The Town Red” singer began receiving comments that she was in cahoots with the devil in 2023 after she wore an all-red Schiaparelli number during Paris Fashion Week. Social media claimed her look seemed like it perfectly fit the dress code for an Illuminati initiation.

Doja furthered raised eyebrows when she got a tattoo of a mythological monster that appeared to be “demonic” to some fans. In addition, the cover art for her latest album Scarlett, featured two spiders with pearl bodies. This further convinced social media users that she was on the side of darkness.

Despite the vitriol, Doja hasn’t shied away from social media sharing Coacherlla’s 2024 line-up as she will be headlining along Tyle The Creator, Danan Del Rey, and No Doubt. Additionally, she posted a selfie rocking three pairs of shades with the classic smiley face symbol: “:) ”

Wishing all three parties healing because there is never a winner in a family feud.


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