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This is one of those stories that will make you white-hot angry while also somehow providing a modicum of faith in “the system”.

According to a NewsOne report, 21-year-old Trevon Morgan was acquitted of felony attempted robbery in an expeditious 45 minutes after a jury at the San Francisco County Superior Court had heard enough of the prosecution’s bulls**t case.

On Aug. 24, 2023, Morgan was walking into a store where he was accosted by a white homeless woman who began following him and yelling vile racist slurs. When he came out of the store, the homeless white woman continued her racist tirade. A Karen-colored passer-by drove up and began to “defend” the homeless woman in her race war against a young Black man. That male Karen had the caucasity audacity to dial 911 with bald-faced lies accusing Morgan of threatening to kill and rob him in addition to damaging his vehicle. None of that happened. In fact, according to a KRON4 report, body camera footage showed that even the officer who responded to the scene was skeptical of the male Karen’s story. However, that didn’t stop him from arresting Morgan without a shred of evidence. Following the arrest, a judge released Morgan under the condition that he remain on home detention and wear an ankle monitor. These conditions ultimately caused Morgan to lose his job that he needed to support his pregnant girlfriend.

Via KRON4:

“The allegations in this case were reminiscent of other ‘Karen’ cases where someone called the police on a Black person who had done nothing wrong. Here, the complaining witness racially profiled Mr. Morgan, who is Black, assumed the worst about him and falsely accused him of wrongdoing based on the color of his skin,” said Deputy Public Defender Ilona Yañez, who represented Morgan. “Police and prosecutors pursued this case without any corroborating evidence of a crime, despite the numerous glaring red flags as to the complaining witness’s credibility, and in so doing perpetuated this vigilante’s racism.”

We hope and pray that there is a HUGE lawsuit on deck against the city and the officer who thought it reasonable to arrest someone without any form of due diligence. We’re glad that this jury had the good sense that God gave them but NWA was right, f**k the police.


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