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Roda Osman is as relevant in today’s news cycle as she was when her story first took over Al Gore’s internet back in September 2023.

BOSSIP has been covering the latest developments in the story that appear to have more holes in it than Kanye West’s grungy fashion era. That said, the viral lightning rod stepped into The Shade Room to refute some of the news that has recently come out about her. Just last week, it was announced that Houston authorities are looking to arrest Osman for felony theft by deception under the pretense that she raised over $40,000 on a GoFundMe campaign that was, as the kids say, “cap”. Initially, KPRC reporter Bryce Newberry revealed that Osman was supposed to have a meeting with police but never showed up. This is one of several claims that she refutes via TSR:

“I’m not on the run. Everyone is trying to extort me for money. I am trying to find a proper lawyer to surrender with. I look forward to my day in court to fight these bullsh** claims and retribution from Officer Thorton for reporting her for misconduct. Again, I look forward to my day in court!”

In response to the video that investigators obtained showing Osman and her accused attacker Olan Douglas embroiled in a physical argument that doesn’t coincide with her description of the events, Osman maintains that Douglas, Houston PD, and the talking heads on social media have all enacted various forms of violence against her…

“But Olan Douglas harmed me. Social media harmed me. Blogs harmed me. HPD has harmed me. I have been abused and revictimized and now I’m being held to a level of scrubby that is dangerous to all.”

While the details of this case have gotten a bit clearer, there are still opaque parts that need straightening. We’re not sure if that straightening will ever come to light, however, people from the outside are dug-in on their position and it doesn’t seem like the introduction of new evidence is likely to change their minds.
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