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Roda Osman and her infamous viral story about being attacked with a brick after denying a Black man her phone number are back in the news cycle heavy, and BOSSIP has been covering the newest information available every step of the way. Today, we have a report from Click2Houston that finally confirms one of our previous posts about Osman being a no-show last Thursday when it came time to turn herself in to answer for criminal charges related to the incident.

The woman dubbed “brick lady,” raised $42,302 in a GoFundMe campaign and was subsequently charged with felony theft by deception as police, and many on social media, believe that her story is a lie.

C2H reports that the 33-year-old turned herself in to authorities Tuesday, Jan. 23, and posted a $10,000 bond. She is scheduled to be arraigned on March 5 and was forced to relinquish her passport in the interim.

There is much confusion about what actually happened to this woman based on several inconsistencies with her version of the events in question. We all saw the viral video of Osman recording herself crying with a swollen and disfigured face as she recounted the alleged attack.

However, the surveillance video that captured the attack only showed Olan Douglas hitting Osman in the face with a water bottle once and fleeing the scene. Being that Osman has named Olan as the sole attacker, it’s difficult to understand where her severe injuries derived from. Certainly not the water bottle.

Osman maintains that she is a victim of a violent crime and told the Shade Room that she is looking forward to her day in court. Best believe BOSSIP will have full coverage of everything coming from that trial.


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