Florida Mom Banned From School Dropoff Kids Over OnlyFans Ad

OnlyBans: Florida Mom Barred From Dropping Kids Off At School Over OnlyFans Ad On Her Car

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A Florida mom claims she was banned from dropping her kids off at school over the OnlyFans ad she has on her vehicle.

OnlyFans is providing millions of people a way to financial freedom but it’s still frowned upon in many places, especially in the southern states of the United States’ “Bible Belt.”

According to Fox 35 Orlando, a Florida mom has been banned from dropping her kids off at school because of the OF ad on her car that fellow parents deemed inappropriate.

“Right now, the kids are getting singled out,” Michelle Cline whose children attend Liberty Christian Prep told FOX 35. “I feel singled out.” she continued.

“I find it hard to believe that there is that many parents and there are that many kids that are paying attention to my vehicle every morning,”

Cline said that she’s had the decals on her car for two years and it only recently became an issue.

She also shared an email she received that told her to remove the ad or refrain from stepping on campus.

“I am requesting that you respect our request to keep the advertisement off campus,” the email read. “If you’d like to bring your vehicles on campus, please cover up the decals. If you’d like to park off campus, you are welcome to do so.”

This has to be embarrassing for Michelle Cline’s kids who are now likely being teased.

Despite what many believe, OnlyFans is not just for explicit content and is a place for creators across different industries.

We previously reported on a Florida mom who was banned from campus activities over OnlyFans and sued, maybe Cline should do the same.



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