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OnlyFans Hosts A Tea Party For The Sims Family

OnlyFans Source: Phillip Faraone / Getty

A Florida mother has sued her children’s school district after she was banned from volunteering over her OnlyFans page.

In the year 2023, OnlyFans remains taboo to some despite being one of the most visited subscription services around. In 2018 and 2019 the company saw record growth but nothing could prepare them for what was coming. When the pandemic hit in 2020, the previous growth proved they had barely scratched the surface. People that previously picked on Only Fans models and joined themselves and OF exploded when Beyoncé name-dropped the platform on the “Savage” remix with Megan Thee Stallion.

While the tide has changed on OnlyFans overall, many people and places still frown at the idea, especially in the south. According to Click Orlando, a mother in Florida believes her OnlyFans account got her banned from volunteering in her children’s school district. She also alleged that the school officials distributed her OnlyFans images internally and to the local media.

“I was a little bit in shock, honestly,” Victoria Triece said, as seen in the video below. “You’re already in this situation that’s not fair to begin with and then—there you go—there’s emails of your images being sent out not only [to] each other but also to media.”

Victoria claims she isn’t the only one doing it and that other parents who participate in OnlyFans are not being treated the same.

“Many other parents of children in Orange County Schools are also participants in OnlyFans as well as other adult-oriented professions, such as topless dancing, adult-themed acting, online sexting, among others. To paint Ms. Triece with the modern-day equivalent of a ‘Scarlet Letter’ has left Ms. Triece with no other option other than filing suit,” the news release said.

Triece said this all began in October 2021 when she was told she could “no longer be around children on school grounds.” The principal claimed the instructions originated from the Orange County Public School Board.


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