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Fans think the creators of the nostalgic hit “Swag Surfin'” are on “Hypnotic, Exotic” after inviting a certain rhythm-deficient pop star to make a remix.

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Taylor Swift has been at the center of NFL coverage as of late as she supports her Kansas City Chief boyfriend, Travis Kelce but a recent viral video of the pop star swag surfin’ has caused controversy amid people calling out her flavorless take on the dance.

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Supporters of the song’s creators, F.L.Y. (Fast Life Yungstaz), denounced the media’s portrayal that Taylor made the song popular when the Black community, specifically HBCUs, have consistently played the hit since 2009. The song was never popular in mainstream America, which is why countless articles like  “What Is Swag Surfing?” have emerged.

F.L.Y. fans were not only angered that the song was referred to as the “Chief’s dance celebration” since it’s a certified HBCU classic, but the group’s invitation to Taylor to remix the classic sent them in a tailspin.

TMZ recently interviewed the members of Fast Life Yungstaz; McFly, Vee, Mook, and Ea$ton, and the group happily extended an invite to Taylor to make a remix.

“My initial reaction to Taylor Swift swag surfin’ was I thought it was dope,” Mook told TMZ. “I automatically knew it was going to be a good look because of who she is, what she’s got going on.”

“Our streams across all platforms [are] up 700%. Our YouTube numbers went up,” he added. “We gained 20,000 subscribers in like two weeks. So everything is up. It’s just been a dope thing to watch everything unfold so quickly.”

The rapper favored the idea of Taylor jumping on the remix but expressed the country singer must rap her verse. F.L.Y.’s fans lamented at the thought of the collaboration in addition to Taylor’s enthusiastic fans, Swifties, rejecting the notion, labeling it “cringe.”

Some fans declared the group is desperate for a dollar and selling out Black culture, while others are encouraging the men to capitalize off of its newfound mainstream popularity.

In recent years, sports organizations outside of HBCUs, including Division 1 and professional arenas discovered “Swag Surfin” and incorporated the crowd-moving track in their gameday playlists. Although “Swag Surfin” has received consistent support, Mook stated Taylor’s viral video led to the biggest jump in growth ever.

Taylor has yet to comment if she would be down to make her own version of the hit.

Social Media Reacts To F.L.Y. Greenlighting Taylor Swift To Remix “Swag Surf”

Twitter, formerly X, users freely shared their thoughts about the remix no one wanted.

One user said money is the clear motive posting a meme of Denzel Washington’s portrayal of Malcolm X, “Yeah, that brother is starving.”

Another added, “Bros begging for that swifty bag.”

An additional user co-signed their sentiments, “SMDH. Taylor Swift is about to put a stain on our culture, and to make all worse F.L.Y is allowing it cause they’re begging for a check.”

Grant Swinton threatened, “You do that and I’ll tell every single DJ to never play the original”.

X user, @ladidaix, noted the timing of F.L.Y.’s collaboration invitation, “The news dropping on the first of February is SENDING ME.”


Another user categorized the collab invite as “Uncle Tom” behavior stating, “What a sell-out. Why would they allow this? We can’t have s**t.”

Some disagreed and supported the rappers acquiring a check.

One X user responded, “Sell out? They probably need bread lol Fast Life Yungstaz had some heat but didn’t make that much bread.”

Someone else added, “Let’s reverse it and say it’s YOUR song. You’re going to miss out on a business opportunity to make money to feed your family? For what?”


It is true that after dances, songs, or sayings that are staples in the Black community go “mainstream”, it is often overused or used improperly, thus becoming less appealing to Black people. So, Black folks stop participating in a part of their culture that they once enjoyed. Subsequently, something new is created as African American ingenuity is evermoving and continues to elevate, but many are sick of mourning elements of Black culture that they were forced to bury after Caucasians discovered it.

The collaboration with Swift doesn’t make sense and it is clear why F.L.Y. would be down. It would support the re-emergence of their careers or at the least, fatten their bank accounts, but like elderly Southerners say, “All money ain’t good money.”

A better money-making option would be an HBCU tour during Homecoming season. Let your people support you.


What are your thoughts on the potential collaboration?



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