Poonam Pandey fakes her death for cervical cancer awareness

Bozo Behavior: Bollywood Actress Poonam Pandey Pulls Fake Death Stunt To ‘Bring Awareness’ To Cervical Cancer

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Social media has made people completely stupid and the slander they receive in response to their stupidity is exactly what they deserve.

For instance, NBC News is reporting on an attention-seeking stunt gone wrong by Bollywood actress Poonam Pandey. On Feb. 2, 2024, Pandey’s 1.3 million follower Instagram account posted the following message announcing her untimely demise.

Her fans and supporters were heartbroken to learn that their fave had passed away and left grief-stricken messages mourning her loss. 24 hours later, Poonam popped up alive as hell with a new message for her 1.3 million followers…

The entire hoax had been done to “bring awareness” to cervical cancer which is obviously a righteous cause as millions of women have suffered from the disease. However, there are several legitimate and integrity-based ways that attention could be brought to the issue without pulling this type of unserious, insensitive, and embarrassing hoax.

“Worst PR Stunt, you could have done a better way, than highlighting such a sensitive topic for so many cancer patients,” one commenter wrote. “Highly not appreciated.”

“Worst awareness stunt!” another one wrote.

The day following the backlash, Poonam doubled down on her “intentions” in another cringy video that paved her road to Hell.

Can you imagine if Beyoncé faked her death in order to “bring awareness” to breast cancer? Obviously, this lady is no Beyoncé, but the point still remains that she is clearly a very popular public figure and this type of stunt does nothing but bring attention to herself as a clout chaser. The truth of the matter is that more people are talking about the ridiculous hoax than supporting the cause.

Great job, Poonam…


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