Horoscopes For Week Of February 11

BOSSIP Horoscopes: Week Of February 11

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Bossip Horoscopes Source: iOne Digital / Tommy de Yampert


It will become glaringly obvious to you this week that you’re repeating patterns that are keeping you stuck in nonsensical loops. But don’t be quick to judge yourself! The play here is to seek the lesson, turn inward (meditation or shadow journaling will be your best tools) and then work diligently to shift. Shifting is as easy as just choosing. Ask yourself every time you’re faced with a a choice: Does this light me up or bring me down?
RED FLAG: Don’t trust the soulmate vibes that you’re getting from this new person. They feel like a karmic lesson, not your next healthy partner.
SWEET SPOT: Transmutation requires a bit of humor and a ton of patience and self-love.

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