This Jeremy London Character Sounds Like He Is On One

- By Bossip Staff

We know that story about the washed up kid actor Jeremy London last week was bizarre, but more info is coming out and it is some straight random ridiculousness:

According to Radaronline:

“Hit this! Hit this or I’m gonna kill you!” A kidnapper held a gun to Jeremy London’s head and said those words, forcing the Mallrats star to smoke some type of drugs, according to what the actor later told police. discovered those exclusive new details – and more – in an investigation into London’s story, a bizarre tale that has left one man behind bars and many openly doubting the actor’s version of events.
The actor later told police: That’s when one of the guys pulled out a gun and held it to his head. They were telling him as they put the pipe to his lips, ‘Hit that! Hit that mother (bleeper)! Hit it or I’m gonna kill you!’

“He did. He was scared.”

That’s what he told police. It is unclear what type of drug he was allegedly forced to smoke but that scenario has left many people skeptical. London told police that as the approximately 12-hour ordeal continued, the alleged kidnappers relaxed and told Jeremy, “We were just kidding with you.” He then asked them to give him back money they took from him and they refused.

Also adding a significant element to the story is the fact that London is undergoing drug testing in connection with custody of his son. He has battled a drug problem previously, been in rehab, and learned exclusively the actor lost custody of his son because of his drug problem.’s investigation discovered that Jeremy’s life is a mess. He is broke, trying to regain custody of his son, and a warrant is out for his arrest for failure to appear for a traffic offense. The warrant was issued on March 23. He had been driving on a suspended license.

His dark blue Land Rover has been parked at a Palm Springs Ramada Inn since Thursday and the registration has lapsed. London told one person the money he had when robbed was to get his car registered again and clear up his driving problems.

He also told a friend that the kidnappers threatened his son, who was not with him. learned that there was a baby seat and some clothing belonging to his son in the rental car during the alleged incident.

Jeremy is definitely doing way too much right now. Read more of this crazyness HERE…

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  • Virginia News

    shut the fu*ck up

    6/21/10, 12:13:pm

    they can get this man on little or no evidence

    yet they can’t get that fire crotch of

    gary coleman


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