It’s officially Mea Culpa release weekend on Netflix… Have you tuned in yet?

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RonReaco Lee spoke with BOSSIP about his role in the new erotic thriller, working alongside Kelly Rowland and Trevante Rhodes and the private investigator skills he picked up while making the film.

“First of all they didn’t they didn’t tell me it was an erotic thriller,” RonReaco Lee told BOSSIP about his thoughts when he was offered the role of Jimmy, a private investigator who works closely with Kelly Rowland’s character Mea, who is a criminal defense attorney. “I was sold on Kelly. I have been dying to work with with Mr. Perry again. It’s been some years, so when I read the script I was just excited to be back in the mix with TPS.”


Perry has been criticized by some for his unorthodox approach to production, but RonReaco Lee says as an actor he’s a huge fan of how Perry works.

“What he’s done with filmmaking, and for somebody like me, I’ve been in the game a minute, you know, he’s taken out a lot of the excess areas, so he’s able to move your shoot day along really quickly, and what I love about it is you don’t expend a tremendous amount of energy on things that a lot of times are unnecessary,” Lee told BOSSIP. “I think in the film industry, we do things because that’s the way we’ve always done it, so he’s kind of looked at things like, ‘We don’t need to do that, we need to do that,’ and you know when we’re doing coverage, he’ll just kind of push and get his coverage in and out and he doesn’t wear you out. He knows when he’s got it, ‘I got it, I’m good, let’s move on.’ I love it. It makes for a great day, from the actor’s perspective it makes for an easy day.”

He might make it sound easy but Lee plays a pivotal role in Mea Culpa. Part of Jimmy’s job is to figure out whether Mea’s new client Zyair is telling the truth about being innocent of the murder charge he’s facing — and Lee says it’s a credit to Trevante Rhodes’ performance that audiences will be just as conflicted about his innocence.

“Zyair had him stumped for a moment, he couldn’t quite figure him out, but I thought that was a credit to Trevante’s take on the role,” Lee told BOSSIP. “Like even in seeing him when he wasn’t filming, he was very immersed in the character and I certainly wanted to respect his process and so we kept it very brief. I didn’t try to get in there and mess with him at all. He was super focused.”

And even more so we loved seeing Mea Culpa. Make sure you check it out and let us know what you think!

Mea Culpa is currently streaming on Netflix.


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