Instead of catching shade from Halle Bailey fans, DDG is actually garnering praise for fiercely defending his unproblematic princess.

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The YouTuber-turned rapper stepped in to drag a right-wing podcaster after he insulted Halle and compared her looks to the character, ET.

Elijah Schaffer was recently fired from conservative media company The Blaze following a sexual assault allegation, but that’s not the only thing he’s catching heat for recently. Schaffer took to X over the weekend to throw some shots at The Little Mermaid actress, posting a picture of her and asking, “When exactly did Hollywood become flooded with ugly people?”

He went on to add, “I say this as a 100% certified ugly person myself. We recognize our own but she’s not even ugly hot.”

He went on to compare her looks to ET, which started a landslide of backlash from people all over social media. In addition to users replying with pictures proving just how beautiful Bailey really is, others simply insulted Schaffer, even digging into his past and bringing up his deceased mother.

Once Halle’s boyfriend and the father of her child caught wind of the slander, he immediately entered the chat, jumping right onto the bandwagon of people poking fun at Elijah’s dead mother.

“I’m smokin on yo dead ass mama,” DDG wrote with a bunch of laughing emojis, posting a photo of Schaffer and his mother. “That dumb b***h should’ve got a better doctor LMFAO.”

He went on to post a since-deleted picture of him smoking with Schaffer’s late mother photoshopped onto the end of his blunt.

Elijah didn’t respond to DDG directly, but he did reply to a tweet that recapped their passive back and forth by doubling down on calling Halle ugly.

“I called myself ugly in the post too. Most people aren’t attractive. Everyone’s just lying to each other,” he wrote. “The post said nothing about her skin color so people crying about racism are just professional victims. It’s her eye distance – people triggered by the ET joke are trippin.”

As for DDG, he simply continued to post pictures of Schaffer’s late mother and laugh with his followers as Halle’s fans applauded his actions.


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