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Love Is Blind Season 6 is officially behind us, but fans still have a lot of questions lingering–especially when it comes to Amber Desiree (aka AD)’s relationship with Clay Gravesande. Luckily for us, Amber’s ready to answer that; although some of her responses might raise eyebrows.

Love is Blind Season 6 Reunion Images

Source: Courtesy / Netflix

The reunion answered a lot of questions about the status of couples from Season 6, but some inquiries were still left up in the air. One big question mark was still hovering around AD and Clay, who made it to the altar before the latter said he couldn’t marry her.

Despite being the one to say no, Clay continually called AD “the love of my life” during the reunion, insisting he would love another chance to date her all over again. But, during the taping, AD stood firm, telling her former fiancée that he already had his chance.

Love is Blind Season 6 Reunion Images

Source: Courtesy / Netflix

On social media, however, fans saw a different story, and it seems like AD didn’t exactly stand toes down after being denied at the wedding. The exes even spent Thanksgiving together back in November, which AD addressed during a recent appearance on Kamie Crawford’s RelationS*** podcast.

According to AD, she only did so to spend time with Clay’s mom, Margarita. Not only that, she says she went on a date with another man afterward, further proving the Thanksgiving festivities had nothing to do with romance.

“If you watch the show, I’m very close with Clayton’s mom who we love and adore,” said AD. “She was in town, she cooked dinner, I was invited, I bought her a bottle of wine that I got from a vineyard for my birthday, we played a few games, Clay and his family went their way and I went mine.”

“That was that, there was nothing more to it, I went on a date after.”


Still, when asked if she felt “any type of way” when seeing Clay, AD admitted, “I always do, I’m still attracted to him, I think he’s a gorgeous person.”

She added that they still have “good vibes” and she “doesn’t hate” her ex or his relatives.

“We have such great rapport, we are so flirty when we get around each other it’s just natural,” said AD. “His family is amazing they’re incredible, why would I cut that off?”


During another podcast appearance on Nick Viall’s Viall Files, AD called her relationship with Clay “flirty friends,” saying that she will take any opportunity to show him what he missed out on.

“Clay and I…we’re flirty friends,” she told the podcast host. “So if we see each other outside, we’re, like, in each other’s faces—like, we like hug and cuddle and, like, we’re all over each other, but again, we’re friends.”

As for whether or not AD will end up giving Clay another chance in the future, she told Viall that she’s “not a red flag chaser anymore” and is no longer “trying to dig and find the good and the potential.”



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