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Last week, BOSSIP was pleased to report that the six Mississippi pigs who tortured two Black men, Michael Corey Jenkins and Eddie Terrell Parker, and countless others over the years, were finally set to be sentenced to prison.

The judge in the case, Tom Lee, took a Noah’s Ark 2-by-2 approach to sentencing beginning last Tuesday with Hunter Elward and Jeffrey Middleton, who were handed 20 and 17.5 years respectively. Two more “goon squad” members would be sentenced on Wednesday and the final two on Thursday. Dragging out the pain and suffering of these malevolent men is a criminal justice chef’s kiss.

According to an AP News report, 29-year-old Christian Dedmon and 28-year-old Daniel Opdyke both wept in court while receiving their sentences of 40 years and 17.5 years respectively. Dedmon, whose actions were described by Jenkins as “the sickest and [the] most wicked,” verbally apologized to Jenkins for shooting him in the face but never once looked into his eyes. Opdyke is said to have looked directly at Jenkins and Parker and “cried profusely” during his apology saying that being in jail allowed him to realize “how I transformed into the monster I became that night.”

According to CBS News, 53-year-old Brett McAlpin was sentenced to 27 years in prison and 32-year-old ex-Richland police officer, Joshua Hartfield, was handed down 10 years. McAlpin addressed Jenkins and Parker directly:

“This was all wrong, very wrong. It’s not how people should treat each other, and even more so, it’s not how law enforcement should treat people,” McAlpin said, though he did not look at the victims as he spoke. “I’m really sorry for being a part of something that made law enforcement look so bad.”

Just so everyone is clear, it took torture, beating, sexual abuse, and a near-fatal shooting of two innocent people for these pathetic slabs of bacon to understand their jobs as law enforcement officers and general humanity.

Prison is too good a place for these pigs.


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