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Misa Hylton is accusing Homeland Security of using “excessive force” against Justin Combs and Christian “King” Combs during the raid of Diddy’s L.A. home.

“I’m not with the propaganda!!!” said the protective mom who released footage of federal agents storming the mogul’s property.

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On Tuesday, the mother of Justin, 30, and mother-figure to Christian, 26, shared a scathing Instagram statement calling out Homeland Security for the “overzealous and overtly militarized force” used against the brothers last month.

“[The force] used against my sons Justin and Christian is deplorable,” wrote Misa, 51.””If these were the sons of a non-Black celebrity, they would not have been handled with the same aggression,” she wrote. “The attempt to humiliate and terrorize these innocent young BLACK MEN is despicable!”

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She continued, writing that “enough is enough,” and used security footage to allege that laser beams from firearms were pointed at Justin’s chest, while a gun was pointed at the back of Christian’s head while he was handcuffed.

“How many times have we seen young UNARMED BLACK MEN not make it out of these types of situations alive??” wrote Misa.

Ultimately, the famed stylist said she’s weighing her legal options and vowed to fight to get justice.

“My son’s Attorney Jeffrey Lichtman is investigating the excessive use of force which was unnecessary and certainly not required by this search warrant. We will fight for justice utilizing every imaginable resource. I’m not with the propaganda!!!!” she concluded.

Both Justin and Christian were handcuffed during the raid but later released with arrest.

Misa’s statement comes after she called out Diddy last year amid Justin Combs’ DUI arrest.

“Everyone has to sit around for years and act like there isn’t anything wrong with you. This is where the buck stops for me,” she wrote in June 23. “If anything ever happened to my son GOD FORBID. What is anyone going to say to me? When we all know who’s fault it would be.”

She continued,

“When is enough ENOUGH. I’m not Protecting no one anymore Just my son. And ALL The children.”


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