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Angel Reese Emmanuel Acho

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Angel Reese has been the subject of controversy, abuse, racism, misogyny, and other isms that certain people tend to roll their eyes at and wantonly dismiss because of the terms’ ubiquitous nature in the conversation about fair treatment of human beings. So as not to beat around the bush, when we say “certain people”, we’re talking about those who believe in taking a soullessly conservative approach toward which people “deserve” fairness.

Emmanuel Acho can easily be described as one of those mentioned above with his 100-foot scroll of half-baked, misinformed, contrarian takes over the years about various subjects but especially about race and gender. Like the misshapen leather jacket that he dons in the above photo, Acho is a walking red flag.

In the wake of LSU’s loss to Caitlin Clark and the Iowa squad, Reese, alongside her supportive teammates Flau’jae Johnson and Hailey Van Lith, expressed how difficult it has been for her to be on the receiving end of the type of negativity she’s endured since winning the national championship last year.


If you have the ability to hear, process words, and understand their meaning, then it should be unchallenging to pick up what Angel Reese was putting down. She spoke very specifically about the abuse she’s suffered, the attacks. Of course, she’s upset that her team lost but that was not the substance of her comments. At no point did she even mention the game itself. She spoke directly to how she has been treated by “fans” and people who wish her harm.

Despite Angel’s cogent communication, Acho took to the airwaves of his FS1 show SPEAK to say stupid things.

How this negro heard Angel talk about abuse and turned it into her crying about losing the game is something only he and the devil understand.

Reactions to Acho’s d!¢khead diatribe will likely be pouring in for the rest of the week but Taylor Rooks pretty much nailed it in her direct response to the video above.

Acho is currently on Twitter trying to clean up aisle 6 but the toothpaste is already out of the tube.

It’s so easy to get these things right that, at this point, we have to believe that Acho is either willfully obtuse or ignorant to his own ignorance. Either way, his flaming is justified and enjoyable.


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