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NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament - National Championship

Source: Ben Solomon / Getty

You can’t see she.

The LSU Tigers women’s basketball team and their HBBIC (Head Bayou Barbie In Charge) are riding high atop the ranks of college basketball after securing a 102-85 blowout victory over Iowa and their superstar baller Caitlin Clark.

Caitlin has become a sports media darling during the tournament and rightfully so. She’s quick, her jumper is as splashy as a Billy Porter red carpet ensemble, and she talks a whole lotta s**t.

Angel Reese has also made a lot of noise during March Madness for the way she dominates the court with a laundry list of basketball skills and the sauce to match. This game will be one that will be remembered for years to come as one that helped open some eyes to the greatness of women’s basketball. It will also be remembered for the “controversy” that white folks have stirred up regarding Angel’s competitive spirit.

As was previously mentioned, Caitlin Clark plays her game and runs her mouth and that makes her a very entertaining watch. However, when she gets her a** handed to her in the biggest game of the year, she’s got to take what she dishes out and Angel Reese delivered her comeuppance in delicious fashion. Per usual, clowns, cornballs, and otherwise non-competitors call equality “classless.”

The whites are PISSED and nothing makes our hearts sing a sweeter song than ridiculously outraged out-of-pocket whites.  The hating was so ludicrous that even the Rocket Raccoon of sports media, Jason Whitlock, had to check Barstool Chad Dave Portnoy about his lily-white grievance…

Suffice to say, Angel didn’t backtrack, backslide, shiver, shake, or fold when asked about how she got her lick back.

If you can’t respect that, your whole perspective is wack.

Pop it, champ!



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