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We’ve reported on our fair share of break-ups and make-ups over the years but this is truly a first.

39-year-old Gilberto Nogueira should probably be in prison and somehow 34-year-old Daiane dos Santos is still his girlfriend. According to the Daily Mail, Nogueira got caught cheating on Dos Santos on her birthday…with her 15-year-old niece. One might be inclined to think that a person would react impetuously upon learning such news, but Dos Santos maintained her composure and played a long game.

In December 2023, Dos Santos set up a night of romance for Nogueira that involved a decorated bedroom and a spicy lingerie set. Once he took off his clothes and get into bed, Dos Santos tied his penis with a rubber band, cut it off with a razor blade, took a photo, sent the photo to the family WhatsApp group text, then, flushed it down the toilet of their home in Brazil.

Despite all of that, an O Globo reports that Nogueira shared handwritten reconciliation letters that the couple recently sent to one another.

“If I hadn’t had sex with (her) niece on my partner’s birthday, none of this would have happened,’ Nogueira told the outlet. ‘Daiane is a wonderful, loving woman who loves me. She didn’t deserve to be betrayed like that. She was exposed to the whole country. … I don’t care what others think. What really matters is how I feel about her.”

In the letters, both parties reportedly expressed that they have forgiven each other for their transgressions and hope to reunite when Dos Santos is freed from prison. She was initially looking at 50 years behind bars but the judge in the case set the maximum sentence for 12 years. Her trial is set to begin on April 24, 2024.

Nogueira is currently awaiting a penile implant prosthesis that he was gifted by a urologist who will…install it once Nogueira has fully recovered from his multitude of surgeries.




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