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The wait is OVER for the second half of the record-breaking sixth season of The Chi, and TWO of the show’s stars are chatting with BOSSIP about their characters going into “survival mode.”

The Chi Season Six

Source: Shaniqwa Jarvis / Showtime

As previously reported season six continues to follow Emmett (Jacob Latimore) and Kiesha (Birgundi Baker) as their union is tested by Emmett’s perilous partnership with Douda (Curtiss Cook). Things have taken a dangerous turn considering that Emmett and Rob (Iman Shumpert) failed to assassinate the villainous boss, and the two of them have to brace for repercussions.

Not only that, but Victor (Luke James) feels like he has to finish the job, even though he’s working to leave his life as Trig behind and start a family with Fatima (L’lerrét Jazelle).

Viewers will have to wait and see if the Douda dilemma will finally be solved or if he’ll continue his villainous streak in Chi City.


Ahead of the show’s return, Jacob Latimore and Luke James chatted with BOSSIP about allllll the drama viewers of season six should expect and they kept it just as real and raw as the characters they play.

Jacob Latimore & Luke James Talk ‘The Chi’ Season Six

According to Latimore, viewers will see Emmett do everything he can to protect his family amid the fallout with Douda.

The Chi

Source: Shaniqwa Jarvis / Showtime

“We’ll definitely see him step up to the plate in a different way,” Latimore told Managing Editor Dani Canada. “I would say you’re just pure bravery at this point. I think we even see him step up to the plate in a way where that if he had to take a bullet, he would. I think that’s the mindset he’s in at this point. It’s like, ‘”Hey, I got myself into it and this is, and I’m gonna get myself out of it.'”

He also shared that Emmett will no doubt have to begrudgingly rely on his father Darnell (Rolando Boyce) despite him wanting to handle things on his own.


“I think we’ll see Emmett seek a lot more guidance from his father and be more vulnerable and open to his father’s wisdom,” said Latimore. “I think he was always against it because of just childhood traumas but we’ll also see the family just broaden and impact his life even more.”

As for Victor, Luke James shared that in the second half of season six, watchers will continue to see the street-smart politician be challenged by his “pretty intense” duality. Life will continue to be a delicate balance for the city councilman as his tangled past continues to haunt him.

The Chi

Source: Shaniqwa Jarvis / Showtime

“I think what we’ll be seeing is his struggle in totality,” said James to BOSSIP. “Because both of these characters have people in their lives that hold them accountable and love them and cherish them and want to protect them and are fighting for them.

“And we’re gonna get to watch all of these other characters really try their hand in saving us from our own demise. But at the same time, everyone is in a survival mood,” he added. “There is something plaguing our community and we’re gonna get to watch all of these other characters really try their hand in saving us from our own demise and we have to do something about it. And will we? How are we gonna do it? Who knows? That’s the journey [but] when you’re pointing the finger, there’s a bunch of fingers pointing at you. you. That accountability goes both ways, all of that struggle of upholding this idea of who Victor wants to be, he’s gonna be challenged.”

Elsewhere in the interview, both stars reflected on the success of the show that Lena Waithe created in 2018 that’s having an explosive season.

” I don’t think we were really anticipating that this would be our biggest season,” said Latimore. “Sometimes, you know, you get to this stage and you’re kind of slowing down a bit, but we are picking up speed and we just excited that the show is even still growing.

“And it’s constantly expanding demographics. I mean, it’s mainstream,” said James. “We owe it to our fans who stayed with us, who have stayed with us through it all, all the experiences of everything.”

Watch our exclusive with Jacob Latimore and Luke James!

The Chi season six returned TODAY Friday, May 10 streaming on the Paramount+ With Showtime Plan and on-air on Sunday, May 12 at 9 pm on Paramount+ With SHOWTIME.


The Chi

Source: Shaniqwa Jarvis / Showtime


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