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The show must go on, but not after Nicki Minaj‘s Amsterdam arrest for alleged “soft drugs,” which she claims is an anti-Pink Friday 2 plot: “They succeeded at their plan to not let me get on that stage tonight.”

Nicki Minaj performs at 2024 Dreamville Music Festival

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Nicki Minaj is a free woman again after she live-streamed police searching, detaining, and arresting her. Fans watched the “FCTU” rapper’s IG Live on Saturday as officials at an Amsterdam airport accused her of “carrying drugs” in her luggage. She claimed they found pre-rolls that belonged to a member of her security team.

However, that didn’t keep Nicki from getting locked up and missing her UK show that night. Co-op Live Arena in the UK originally tried to delay the show after the “Barbie World” star filmed her arrest. Hours later, Co-op Live announced the postponement of Nicki’s Manchester performance.

“Despite Nicki’s best efforts to explore every possible avenue to make tonight’s show happen, the events of today have made it impossible. We are deeply disappointed by the inconvenience this has caused,” the statement said.

The venue will honor all tickets for the rescheduled show date, which is still TBD. Brit Barbz were already lined up outside the arena and chanted “Free Nicki” while they waited for her. According to CBS News, she received a fine for an undisclosed amount.

Nicki Minaj Apologizes To UK Fans For Postponed Show: “They Sure Did Know Exactly How To Hurt Me Today “

Nicki took to X (formerly Twitter) to apologize for the canceled show after “sitting in a jail cell for 5-6 hours.” Minaj thanked everyone who prayed for her and invited the Barbz to her hotel on Saturday night. She emphasized that the ordeal took most of her day as part of a “plan” to keep her from performing.

“After sitting in a jail cell for 5-6 hours, my plane still didn’t take off for another 20 mins once I boarded. The flight was 50 mins. 50 mins,” she wrote.

“That’s why they had to do the big song & dance b/c they knew I’d still find a way to perform even if it came down to my last 90 mins in the building which would have been until 1130pm. The building was willing to go past 11pm. So grateful to them for that,” she added.

Nicki said the rest of the drama is now in the hands of her lawyers and Big Sandals. She claims her unnamed, but international string-pulling haters “succeeded at their plan to not let me get on that stage tonight.” Still, she claimed the victory that she “succeeded [at] getting to the root of it all by recording them & posting everything in real-time.”

“Please please please accept my deepest & most sincere apologies. They sure did know exactly how to hurt me today but this too, shall pass. They’ve been doing this over & over & over & over & over again & I’ve tried so hard to not discuss it b/c you guys deserve to just get the good stuff. I hate involving you in anything that isn’t for entertainment purposes only,” she continued.

“We will have another date for tonight’s show shortly & I’ll probably be able to share it tmrw. One July option & one June option is currently being discussed. I’ll find a way to not only make up the date with the performance but I’m going to create an added bonus for everyone that had a tkt for this show. Promise,” Nicki swore to her hardcore fans.

Nicki also extended some concern to Ari Lennox, who says she experienced racial profiling when she was also arrested at Amsterdam’s airport.

“She was “full of emotions”. She was arrested b/c she was full of emotions in AmsterDAM. Hmmmmm interesting. I didn’t know this was a “thing” there. Who spoke up for her? Could’ve easily been another Sandra Bland incident. I’m so happy she made it out alive & well,” Nicki wrote on a post from the 2021 incident.

Needless to say, Nicki’s return to the stage in Birmingham on Sunday will be one to remember after all this. Now, she’s determined to go even harder to spite her anonymous opps.


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