Kelly Rowland Is Working With Akon And Tricky Stewart Minus The Dream… Someone Finally Got It Right!!!

- By Bossip Staff

Kelly Rowland’s new album is anticipated to drop on October 26th. Sources claim she’s in the studio twerkin’ it out with Akon and The Dream’s partner Tricky Stewart. The Dream is too busy dealing with EXTRAMARITAL AFFAIRS!!!

Pop the Top for Kelly’s Promo Pics


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  • ThickLikeCornbread


    I just hopes she puts out smtg similar to her 1st album

    Im not feeling the “gay” dance music. Srry!

  • no one buys her mess

    Look at those big, manly, discolored arms! And those fake tyts on display like they’re somethin’…and when does she ever air her wigs out? Self-hating chick right here. Brainwashed too.


    wow! she looks buff. she looks good!

  • Jasmine

    Very beautiful!

  • auntdogganauntfail

    Ohhhhhhhhh her pictures look good. I hope her album does well. I liked Kelly’s first album.

  • Wannabe Judge Mathis

    Kelly has the perfect body. Sculpted arms, beautiful face. Perfect complexion. The girl is the chit.

  • uhhh

    Are these pre-PS or what? She looks weird.

  • tkb

    I guess Beyonce will be going back to work on October 20th and drop her album on Oct 26th. DAMN! – Why did Kelly have to say when Beyonce is coming off the much needed rest and the public time to breathe –

  • Educated Diva

    Those r not her promo pics. Go to her official site to see them.

  • hunnyBun

    i think she looks really pretty in these pics. if she did get a b o o b job at least she didn’t go overboard. they actually suit her frame

  • Sticky-n-Sweet

    Go Kelly, you looking good!

  • los

    Kelly is so fine I cant wait to get her new album!!! And her real promo shots are on her website and they look so much better than this.

  • jokers wild

    Kelly looks amazing. I really hope she comes out on top with this album, maybe since she is away from Mathew Knolwes management she can get the publicity that she needs. Go Kelly!!!

  • BlazianBarbie

    Kelly is just too GAWJUS! Loving her new music and definitely getting her new album!

    I hope On & On is the next single!!! 🙂

  • http://RTWK Kietta Gamble

    I really like Kelly. I really like her, she is a team player and she is really making her own way. She comes across very humble and I am proud of her right now. Kelly, you can do it, make it and take it, and you have proven you are worthy to be recognized and honored. I would love to interview on my tv show, please contact me at Also, all other interesting show ideas you have, please I would be more than accommodating to you!!!

  • Othello

    I love when the elements align for Kelly.

    She’s a really really beatiful woman.

  • muse

    She looks great and not overdone. Her body is slammin. It was even before the fake boobs.

  • http://RTWK Kietta Mayweather Gamble

    I forgot to add how pretty she looks!

  • Jazzzy

    PHOTOSHOP !!!!
    Her body parts are not proportionate/ realistic at all. Come on people!!!

  • keen

    Where the light skinned girls and the Kelly Rowlands,ha,do u Ms Rowland.

  • Miss tahbee

    Shes lookng gud. Go girl. She mstnt try imitate beyonce lyk every1 else. Shes a gr8 singer n her last album was gud

  • BBBEE25

    Kelly looks good in that pic. Go head girl!

  • Just Sayin

    Kel is tryin ta show off her tig ole bitties..!

  • Miami Chick

    Kelly has such a beautiful aura.

  • Broken Silence

    Kelly Rowland !

    When Love Takes Over: Techno: 00:50 – 01:18: you take the part: 01:04-01:16: the part is clean: you can do it better: do it right: you know: there are only one life: there is nothing to lose: Kelly Rowland: see you: girl you know it is true !

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