Undercover Journalist Catches Gay Priests Gettin’ It In At Sex Clubs

- By Bossip Staff

Holy Catholic pedophiles Batman! An Italian journalist took hidden cameras into a seedy gay sex club and caught priests having casual sex with other patrons. Pop it to hear how far they were willing to go for satisfaction.

Grab your cameras, Catholic priests have officially gone wild. Undercover journalists crashed a sex party, only to find several holynesses gettin’ it poppin’. One of them even put on his priestly garb to add to the forbidden fun.

A gay priest sex scandal has rocked the Catholic Church in Italy today after a weekly news magazine released details of a shock investigation it had carried out.

Using hidden cameras, a journalist from Panorama magazine – owned by Italian Prime Minister and media baron Silvio Berlusconi – filmed three priests as they attended gay nightspots and had casual sex.

Today there was no immediate comment from the Italian Bishops Conference and the Vatican – which has been rocked by a series of sex scandals involving paedophile priests since the start of the year.

A preview of the Panorama article sent out by email last night added that video footage from the investigation would be made available.

The article describes how the reporter was assisted by a gay ‘accomplice’ as they ‘gate-crashed the wild nights of a number of priests in Rome who live a surprising double-life.’

In it’s preview, Panorama added: ‘By day they are regular priests, complete with dog collar, but, at night it’s off with the cassock as they take their place as perfectly integrated members of the Italian capital’s gay scene.’

Panorama described its investigation as ‘deeply disturbing’ as it detailed how three priests – two Italians and a Frenchman – happily took part in gay events and had casual sex.

The Catholic Church forbids priests to have sex and homosexuality is also seen as a ‘sin’ .

In 2008 the Vatican issued guidelines which said that any would be trainees should not join if they had ‘deep-seated homosexual tendencies’.

In one part of the investigation Panorama said that one priest, named as Carlo, willingly put on his cassock to have sex with the reporter’s gay accomplice, adding ‘all of which was filmed by the hidden camera’.

The magazine also described how they had attended a Mass which was celebrated by Carlo.

In its preview Panorama insisted that it had carried out through checks and established that all three priests were bona fide but would not reveal their real names or any other details.

Panorama editor Giorgio Mule said: ‘This was a two week investigation and was not aimed at creating a scandal but showing that a certain section of the clergy behaves very differently.’

Priests aren’t supposed to be having sex, let alone gay casual sex. Does this mean they go to hell twice? SMDH. At least it wasn’t kids this time.


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  • Scruff

    i don’t like gays at all.

  • dee

    The Catholic religion is an abomination.

  • honeyxxx

    arghhh wtf is wrong with the world!!! i swear this is just some bent up madness!!


    seems to me that this is nothing new, with the exception of the journalist being there I think that this is something they do on the regular.

  • mika

    Nothing shocking here…


    I’M NOT SHOCK’D!!! DID U KNOW: back in the days when a man was accused of having sexual relations, thoughts, etc about men or boys they were forced 2 join the catholic church 2 expell them of these ‘unholly’ issues???? so think about it…..if u have a bunch of men who obviously like men/boys w.e. and they’re all forced 2 be around each other, DON’T U THINK THEY GOT MORE ACCESS 2 AZZES!!!!!???? JUST A THOUGHT!!!!!

  • marquis2sade

    @ Dee…RELIGION itself IS an ABOMINATION…period

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  • blaxitive

    7/23/10, 12:09:pm

    I’M NOT SHOCK’D!!! DID U KNOW: back in the days when a man was accused of having sexual relations, thoughts, etc about men or boys they were forced 2 join the catholic church 2 expell them of these ‘unholly’ issues???? so think about it…..if u have a bunch of men who obviously like men/boys w.e. and they’re all forced 2 be around each other, DON’T U THINK THEY GOT MORE ACCESS 2 AZZES!!!!!???? JUST A THOUGHT!!!!!

    This right here is real talk and funny as hell at the same time!! BWAHAHAHAHAHA

  • IJS

    I really am not shocked by the article at all. I believe that the Catholic Church really needs to look at the celibicy issue, God made woman for the man, because he said that it was not good for man to be alone….IJS

  • drenk


  • stationdrive

    . . . .and THIS is representative of the Christian mind-set. . . .it’s followers are hypocritical. . . .most particularly Afr-Amer Christians, go to church every Sunday, some of ya’ll, and will step right over, the homeless person laying down in the street on Monday. . . .Rappers thanking God and wearing a crucifix on stage at Grammy Awards, as they project images of greed, arrogance and debauchery. . . .I could go on and on. . . .

  • auntdogganauntfail

    I mean, maybe they wanted to pray for them lolz. @Purple is the secret Code I think you are probably right, there are a lot of men in the church who are truly faithful, but the Catholic Church has been exposed for its corruption over the centuries. Every organization has its corruption including religious organizations, I mean it wouldnt stop me from going to church but I’ll be damned before I let my child be an altar boy lolz. They need to stop that shyt right now, because people should not be forced into homosexuality because of molestation.

  • stationdrive

    . . . .and if you Christians are honest with yourselves, many of you will see that your worship is completely motivated by self-interest–many pray to God asking for stuff, like he’s Santa Clause. . . .’Oh Heavenly Father I promise you I’ll go to church every Sunday if you just let me get that Mercedes 300SL. . . .Jesus please let me get that job. . . . Father God, please protect me from harm. . .me me me, instead of following the examples set by Christ–who tried show that you are closest to God when you work/pray/devote your life to the service of others. . . .

  • Pass the collection plate, brutha!

    They prob. used their stupid follower’s donations to get their handjobs and a head while cruising around town in their fat cars. And there are sheep out there who continue to shout PRAISE JEEBUZ AND FORGIVE US OUR SINNNNNSSSS when their leaders are the ones are out their committing all the worst things you could think of! Idiots!

  • Somali Ninga

    Catholic church was created by the Elite.

  • not surprised

    Maybe Jesus was the original closet fag because it seems like all these men who have been touched by god love to take it up the azz!
    This is what you Christians get for listening to loonies who hear voices from a man in the sky! Stop trying to sweep this chit under the rug!

  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    and these are the same people you go to pray and ask for forgiveness. seems like he needs to be confessing his sins and doing more than a few rosary beads and hail marys. try an exorcism!!



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  • LadyNubia8

    I just don’t get it!
    How are righteous men of the most high, not allowed to know the touch of a woman, take a wife (and are basically deprived of se.x) FEEN for a next man!?! I don’t understand!

  • LezBianBomb

    @ Scruff…. i dont like as*holes period… so go kill yourself

  • Allie

    Can i say that i’m surprised? no.. everyone including priests have sexual urges and it definitely does not surprise me that some priests are gay. After all i’m glad i’m not catholic myself, i’ve gone to a catholic high school and learned a lot about catholicism, i can gladly say i will never become catholic ever.

  • 1991 UK (The gem of Africa)

    the Catholic church is a cult simple

  • WTF

    @go to church…etc:

    And what would be a “real book” as you coined it? My whole mentality comes relationsip with God aside….live and let live. You not him, you not listening to anything he preaches, and you have your own set of problems I’m sure… why comment on someone elses… And calm down and stop being so angry… You’d think that you got it up the butt a couple of times as a child, the way you come on the internet venting

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