Which One Would You Hit? ‘Takers’ Premiere Edition

- By Bossip Staff

Michael Ealy and T.I. got suited and booted for last night’s Los Angeles Premiere of their new film ‘Takers’. If you had to choose between these two fine brothers… Which One Would You Hit??? Keep reading for lots more photos and your chance to decide if Chris Brown’s outfit was a fail or a win.

Are You Feelin Breezy’s Get Up? We see where he was going with the Louis scarf and the animal print Pumas but we’re not sure it was a good move. Thoughts?

Check out Jimmy Jean Louis in his chancletas and more below!


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  • asfas23

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  • Mrs. Rance

    First of all, Mike could get it. Second, of course Chris’s getup was a fail,as usual, but that’s how he rolls so I’m gonna let the brother live. I like his hair though.

  • childpleease

    Michael Ealy all day. What up with Chris Brown Hair and shoes he looks like a damn fool. Real talk.

  • sunshine on a cloudy day

    Michael in the front, Idris in the back lol!!!

  • uptowngirl

    I would hit everybody in all these pics w/a brick. Bang..straight to the face.

  • musicmama

    michael and idris and ti, not necissarily in that order!

  • musicmama

    correction: necessarily carry on!!

  • Allenro

    its a lil too 80’s for me but everyone else look ok

  • http://yahoo Oooofucthaaaat!!!

    I would f#ck micheal ealy all day and night. him and idris elba fine az

  • Kitaboo

    TI looking oh so official! I dunno wth is up with Chris, but yal notice how he did absolutely 0% of the press for this move. Takers PR deserves a *golf clap!*

  • chrishawn bellway

    Chris’s style is one of kind, that’s makes him who he is, and probably gives a care if we like it or not… he wore it well.

  • !!!!!


  • oh well!

    None! they all seem to have some sort of major emotional issues!


    i’ll take Mr. Ealy….ONLY b/c TINY GOT T.I. & TINY LOOKS LIKE SHE’D KILL A B***H 4 HIM!!!!

  • daahlingnikki

    Michael and Idris…

  • mekamac

    love idris & michael ealy, i dont really care much about tip the snitch, & chris the bytch!

  • *she rocks*

    Is it me or is T.I no longer that attractive since he got married to that Miss Piggy faced woman?

  • Kera

    The only attractive one in this post is Micheal Ealy.


    @ She Rocks… I couldn’t agree more. Once he said “I do” I no longer looked at him the same.

  • No u can't be boyfriend #2!

    Which One Would You Hit?


  • India

    Idris Elba can GET IT, hands down!!!! ❤

  • PRPPLE, $$$$$,$$$$$

    What the h*ll does Jimmy Jean Bean have on his feet!!!!!? Frightening.


    Chris is cute no matter what the f he is doing or wearing.


    Can someone EXPLAIN what the HELL KICK BROWN IS WEARING??

    This looks like one of those HOOD PROMS.


    This FELON is such a JOKE!

  • itschellz

    T.I, Michael Ealy, AND Idris in rotation, all day and night

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