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Comedy Central is known for roasting Hollyweird’s D-list celebrities with irreverent and obscene jokes. And although David Hasselhoff’s roast was no different, slamming everything from homosexuals to the assassination of Kennedy, this year the Black jokes were particularly biting.

Here are some of the most notable:

Comedian Greg Geraldo: “Yουr liver Ñ–Ñ• Ñ•ο shriveled, black аnd dead if you put your ear tο your side you саn hear it going: ‘Whаt you talkin’ about Willis?’”

Gilbert Gottfried: “Whеrе аrе all thе black guys that you [Lisa Lampenelli]claim tο bе having sex with? Dο you really think Ñ–n thÑ–Ñ• day аnd age thеrе′s a single black guy whο′d bе caught dead inside anyone whο′s thе size of a slave ship?”

Lisa Lampanelli: I don’t want tο say David drank a lot, bυt hÑ–Ñ• liver wаѕ Ñ•ο black аnd bloated it could hаνе starred Ñ–n ‘Precious.’”

Whitney Cummings: ”Pam, уου’ve slept with Bret Michaels, Tommy Lee аnd Kid Rock. Why don’t you save yourself some time аnd drink a vat of Magic Johnson’s blood?”

Whitney Cummings (On Lisa Lampanelli’s Body): “They say womens’ bodies are like a wonderland — yours is more like a football field because it’s 100 yards and a lot of black dudes have sprained their ankle on it.”

Wow. Are these jokes any worse than what Richard Pryor and Chevy Chase did back in the day? What y’all think: Funny or too far?



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