This Broad Can’t Be Serious: Heidi “My Triple G-Cup Runneth Over” Montag Wants Her Old Rack Back

- By Bossip Staff

Hold up, we thought Heidi Montag was loving her life looking like a “Norwegian Goddess”

The poster child for plastic surgery gone wild, Heidi Montag, wants her G-cup breast implants removed. “My boobs are crushing me,” Montag moaned to Life & Style. “I have major anxiety about it.” The reality star, 23, who endured 10 hours under the knife last November to achieve her “perfect” body and almost died from a Demerol OD during recovery, is looking to downsize her breasts to a not-so-modest D or DD cup. Montag says the surgery ruined her marriage to Spencer Pratt. “No one wants to be taking care of his wife who looks like she’d been in a horrific accident,” she said, adding he “begged her not to do it in the first place.” Montag claims she now wants to live a simple life in Costa Rica. “I just really want to get out of Hollywood . . . I don’t have anything back home: no family, no friends.” She posed with little makeup and exposed two inches of roots for the photo spread. “I won’t get anything done again,” she insisted, “at least not for a long time.”

SMH. Them thangs really look painful on the real. Dizzy azzz, dumb azzz broad.


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  • I Am Legend (Allergic To Darkies)

    This brawd needs to go away

  • nettie

    This chick has mental problems!!!!!!

    • coljam21

      I know right. Any 23 year old who has had that much ish done is def looney.

  • Malikka R

    She looks like a complete fool with those flotation devices on her chest. Self-hate at its finest.

  • Sticky-n-Sweet

    My question is: would she live through another surgery?

  • reuyi

    Wanna know where people go to snag an i-nter-racial rel-ations-hip, say, Just for future reference? “i-nterr-acial Central”? “San Carlos” ? or “San Francisco”?*** BlackWhite Cupid C 0/om *** is the real place that is packed with them. 😉



    Her issues has issues, so much self-hate, and nothing that a surgeon can do with a knife will ever change the way she feels about herself, it’s all in her almost empty head. so, so, so stupid.

  • It's Me

    white bishes.

  • Jordana216

    She still has a horse face imo

  • rene

    I like Hedi, she was one of the ones who made The Hills. I hope she finds happiness.Hedi, if you are pleasing God don’t worrie about Nay sayers.They need to put the stones down and back off!!

  • rose by any other name # 93040266

    She looks ignorant as he** with those big fake ballons on her chest… Does she really believe folks believe those water ballons are real.. white folks i tell you !!!LOL!! 🙂

  • rose by any other name # 93040266

    Most white women change their noses, their flat chest and some chanege their flat butts, but black women are de-graded for wearing weave! Truth be told white women get botox, noses job, fake boobs and butts and fake spray tans.. now who is the fakest one ever?? I think you know the answer to that one!!

    • Bossip Is The Shiz

      Yeah but even BW getting booty implants and lip injections now. so who’s trying to be like who?

    • rose by any other name # 93040266

      Well we all know black women are the originators of the booty and lips, and yes there are some stupid black women who want what most black women already have and most white women dont… they are simple minded too.. fu-k i aint leaving them out damn!!! But you az knows and i know white women copy the bootys from black women and the lips and dont even get me started on a lot of other things they copy!! pleaseee!!!

  • Bossip Is The Shiz

    See what you did? now you wanna be ya old self. Imagine what that ish is gonna look like in her 80’s.

  • WHOA!


  • 2Sweet

    Plastic surgery always looks bad as you age if it is not maintained. But you will look more and more plastic. It’s a lose-lose basically. I used to work for a lady w/a 20 yr old facelift, and omg. I’m glad I have good genes, as I plan to age gracefully! Even my cuz w/a drug problem looks younger than her age.

  • Allie

    some people have to learn the hard way and of course when you have breasts that big they’re going to cause you discomfort, that’s why I’m glad I’m only a C cup

  • rose by any other name # 93040266

    And we all know that white women look like 12 year old boys until they get 21, unless they are just plain fat.. so they get the boobs too! He** dont get your drawls in a bunch at me because white women copy more than black women… we are the originators of beauty and hold onto our beauty way longer than those old wrinkled up botox injecting white women!!And yeah i know some black women get palstic surgery too.. but white women are the originators of copying and fake..WHY DOES A WHITE WOMAN THAT DATES A BLACK MAN MOSTLY TRY TO IMITATE A BLAKC WOMAN.. BUT A BLACK WOMAN WHO DATES A WHITE MAN IS STILL JUST A BLACK WOMAN.. SHE NEVER COPYS WHITE WOMEN..LIKE GOING TO THE DR SAYING GIVE ME A FLAT BUTT OR GIVE ME BIRD LIPS!! REAL TALK!!

  • Me

    Bw copy ww by wearin weaves contacts and bleachin their skin

  • sholla21

    Boo hoo.

    It’s so sad to be cute, bored, and rich enough to afford GGG boobs.

    Heidi please.

  • Mz. V

    hey, idiots, at least she realizes her mistakes and what’s good and bad, its’ better than hearing her want to ruin herself more

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