Crotchylicious! Venus And Serena Bring Their Cakes To The Court

- By Bossip Staff

Serena wears a formfitting red dress to cheer on Venus at the US Open

Serena Williams sported a form-fitting red dress to cheer on sister Venus in her US Open match against Mandy Minella, while Venus rocked a sparkly sheer number from her Eleven line. It’s not really fair to ask ‘Who Looked More Bangin’ with Venus sweating out there and Serena in make up, so we’ll just ask Whose Cakes Were More On Point? instead!

Venus Williams wears a slinky black dress from her own fashion range, Eleven, to beat Mandy Minella at the 2010 US Open

And oh yeah, Venus beat Mandy Minella. Congratulations! Keep Makin’ It Rain On Them Hoes!

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  • Niasia

    Serena’d makeup is flawless. She looks great. I wish more women would understand what appropriate makeup can do for their look. Serena understands presentation. She looks very nice. Venus, seriously honey?

    • Bruh Again

      “Venus, seriously honey”

      I don’t understand this comment. Venus is in the
      middle of playing a tennis
      match….you expected her to
      look as if she just left the
      beauty shop????

  • sean-slade

    god d@mn Serena’s body is the truth, now thats what I call thick.

  • nana

    Didn’t like her style @ first but it seems since her break_up she has been stepping her game up! Love both of em

  • Sugar

    Serena looks sooooooooooooooo beautiful!!! This is the best she’s ever looked in her life.

  • wow

    i am sure common had some real good nights with serena because her body makes a man feel good.

  • ash

    I love that dress on Serena. I’m mad she wore those flats wit that dress though. It kinda throws off the outfit. But anyways, they are both beautiful women and Congrats to Venus for winning the match

  • Dot

    Serena is a BEAUTIFUL Black Woman. Always was, she just never found her “style”. We all have our own journey in life. I haven’t found mine yet. Venus is cute. And CONGRATS to her on her win.

  • ya dont say!

    Serena knows what time it is! she is not stupid. She got with the program. Whether some of you believe it or not, she got plastic surgery and/or botox and a good makeup artist. And I honestly believe we will see more. I aint mad at her!!

  • Anonymous


    • WHOA!



    Venus has had surgery and her make is flawless.

    I aint hatin she looks GOOD! However, she is beginning to remind me of Kimmy Kakes. I would lie to see her without the make up on and see how she looks.

    Venus’ on court outfits are clownish, but she’s got her own business so I am not mad at her either.

    Lets keep it real Serena and Venus do ya thang

  • VJ


  • ash

    @truthteller I understand she just got over a injury. I am well aware of that. All I was saying is that the dress doesn’t look right with flats. She could have worn something else to go with the flats. She should have saved that dress for a later time when she could have dressed it up with some heels or something. She could have even worn some gladiator sandals with the dress and that would have been fine. I’m commenting on her fashion, that’s all. But thank you for trying to school me on s**t and making it seem like I don’t know she just got over surgery and stuff.

  • southern twist

    she didn’t bleach do people still do that chit??? sometimes our complexions change look at photos of me some look lighter some darker clothing can make skin shadesappears darker or lighter she looks the same in both stupidity is what’s killing black people

  • Rihanna's Sharp n Pointy...

    I never thought they were unattractive women. Let’s face it, some people are brainwashed. Kenneth and Mamie Clark proved that.

  • coldt7

    I swear those are two ugly broads.They look like men dressed in drag.All that makeup is still not doing them any justice.They mamma even look like a man.She look like Geraldine,THE DEVIL MADE ME DO IT!!!

    • Whateva'

      those two ‘ugly broads’ are doing more than you’ll ever do in your lifetime?
      where’s YOUR money at? Thought so…

  • African American Women Are Blessed With The Best Body Parts And The Most Exotic Features And Exotic Skin Tones

    African American Women are Blessed.

  • YourMom

    Shes been taking make up tips from Kim! Probably taking some of her clothes too… you ever realize everyone that is or becomes good friends with the Kardashians start to look the same… LaLa, Ciara, Serena

  • Allie

    Serena does look amazing, and even though venus is sweating she still looks beautiful and in my opinion the flats do go with the dress since the flats are pointy like stilletos

  • Obukhari Santus Nkonneh

    These two sisters are gift to humanity,their both beautiful and wonderful individuals,Thank Almighty God they look like me!Serena has an uncut Diamon in her heart,was she not the one that built a school for the poor African kids? Who knows? her late Sister has A Nigerian name!God bless you all!

  • BC

    Serena is gorgeous, and anyone who says differently is a liar and a straight hater…

  • Love Jones

    Ummmm Hello? Serena has had some work done. Thats aint no darn make-up lol The new look does look good though

  • Panther

    They are both beautiful and I love serena’s purses…….I wish them both the best

  • Ghanaboy

    Venus does not look good. I’m sorry but that is the truth. Serena; WOW!!! She looks smokin there.

  • Guoduan

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  • bx2dadeath

    Venus was impressive.
    Serena is caked up like Duncan Hines.

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