10 Black On-Air Journalists Repping The News Industry

- By Bossip Staff

The broadcast news industry has historically been a majority white world. As much as the news stories discussed are about people of African descent, the anchors and reporters often look nothing like their subjects.

Luckily, many large news companies are diversifying their staff– hiring people of color to work on and off camera. If you haven’t noticed, CNN has especially embraced diversity hiring for their anchor positions.

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    Just wanted to say first and that im definitley goin to be on that list very soon!

  • jdmann

    At one time FOX had more Black journalist than any other network. See how that turnt out.

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  • Africa's Finest (Cairo to Capetown)

    Notice how 8 out of 10 80% of them are Fair to Light skin. What does that tell you all? Clearly, these journalist are not representative of “blacks” and a majority of them are from the south they are probably reading scripts that the WHITE PRODUCERS told them to read.

    Someone needs to acknowlege that the only type of “black people” you see on tv are fair to light skin.

    • Abel

      Gotta start somewhere though.

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  • marcella marshall

    Channel 6 ABC has quite a few black Reporters/Anchors and they are not “fair” skinned. So the industry has changed and still is.

  • Kayla

    No Ed Gordon???? please ppl. And Don Lemon is annoying as “HELL”

  • Karen Chapman

    I am with you. Him and Don, and well, the weekend on CNN is good because of them and Fredrika Cade.

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