Pure Comedy: Eddie Long Debuts New Greasy, Soul Glowed-Out Toupee Man Wig At Service Today

- By Bossip Staff

Bishop Eddie Long addressed his congregation this morning, and along with his message, he also debuted a brand new greasy jheri-curl juiced up toupee.

With wife Vanessa…

Click through to see a brief history of Eddie’s shady hairline game.

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  • savy

    i thought he looked brand new to me..it was the hair lmao

    • Sugar

      New hair? Nah, he was just rockin’ his wife’s crocheted black beanie

  • well lookie here

    What do you say to that? SMH!

  • Oracle

    He has the right to wear whatsoever he chooses to wear.

    • chitowninthehouse

      No muscle shirt today???…lol

    • Luddite

      I’m waiting for him to show up on a Sunday wearing nothing but a jockstrap and wife beater tee shirt.

    • noloveforthestupid

      your so right, he does have that right. and apparently along with that right is the right to look ridiculous.

  • Precious

    It’s a shame, he had to be black. Conducting such sinful, abomination type behavior in the very place we go to worship our LORD. I am speechless. You know what they say… the first ones in church are the worst ones.

    • Crystal

      Not all Molesters are one race sweetie.. there is evil EVERYWHERE in EVERY race.. :/ sad to say that..

  • sportstalk23

    “Just get your Soul Glo”
    “Police aint gonna have trouble finding you just follow the drip follow the drip”

    • hmmm_BAPS

      LOL, I miss Robin Harris … too funny

    • sociallove111

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  • Chi-lanta

    Lol @ sportstalk 23

  • understandingoverignorance

    That is one jacked up mop he has on his head

  • MochaLatte

    LOL @Jackson I can see him now in the bathroom looking in the mirror wearing his spandex outfit, fixing his fake hair, posing for pics and sending them to other men!

  • hmmm_BAPS

    LOL @ pic#4 … Man, I was glad when Steve Harvey got rid of his microphone/afro hair piece and went bald.

    • Sugar

      LMAO Mmmmhmmmm, girl I was happy too. I think we all were.

  • Nia


    • http://theskippyreview.wordpress.com Skippy

      We in the Gay Community, LLC had nothing to do with that greasy Chia Pet.

  • A Man Tree

    soooooo… he needs to try like a man-style jheri curl looking lacefront!



    • Lisa


    • GirrrrrlBYE!!

      LMAO…lol lol lol ha ha ha 🙂

    • http://theskippyreview.wordpress.com Skippy

      It was probably trying to get away from that fool and find a more supportive, nurturing host body.

  • Really??

    I didn’t know they made lace fronts for men!

  • MrsC

    LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! you got tears rolling down my face. LOLOL! You stooopid!

  • Miss tahbee

    Lol. And the curly piece is the special occasions one

    • oh wow

      LMAO @ special occasions!!!!!!!!!

  • c-dog

    tell me he aint got the “oh Sh*t” face, and yes boo that is a lace front

  • Hope

    When we hear “I am not a perfect man” we’re bracing ourselves for the other shoe to drop .This booty bouncing freak needs to confess.

  • helen

    I’m so glad man does’nt have the final say. Only God is our judge. If man judged us as man does, we’ll all be under the bus dead. Let one who is free from sin throw the first stone. There is always two sides to a story.

    • Jim

      I agree that God is the final judge, but people need to stop use discernment. Building these mammon houses, and putting your faith in someone who declares himself Bishop of your bank account is a bad idea. I hate to see anyone tarred and feathered, but pride goeth before the fall….

      “God opposes the haughty ones, but he gives undeserved kindness to the humble ones.”—James 4:6.

      The Scriptures also counsel us: “If anyone thinks he is something when he is nothing, he is deceiving his own mind.” (Galatians 6:3)
      Yes, pride is destructive and deceptive. We are wise to hate “self-exaltation and pride.”—Proverbs 8:13.

      Humility will draw us closer to God.

    • http://theskippyreview.wordpress.com Skippy

      Y’all Long defenders/zombies really need to stop using the Bible as the paper cup from which you drink your Kool-Aid.

  • HA

    I never thought I’d see the day where a sermon is delivered from an Ipad….smh

    **walks out of room**

    • Miranda

      right?? if thats church I want no part.. *walks out right behind u*

    • PBE

      Really? Pastor’s normally “take” or “write” notes…he is using an ipad instead of a pen and paper…I don’t see the problem. Sometimes my pastor reads the scripture from his iphone – he has different versions of the bible and it takes up less room than having 5 bibles open…Again what is the problem?

  • Lisa

    You got that right. REAL men would just shave the ish off and keep it moving. Instead, this negro decides to throw a Chia Pet on top of his head. SMH.

  • jacob

    The best toupee the offering plate can buy.

    • this world is over


  • hmmm_BAPS

    Keep them rolled and I hope they don’t get stuck because you obviously still didn’t read the other post correctly, but you’re excused, reading is fundamental but not for everyone.


    He’s from Atlanta…and likes women..AND MEN… go figure!

  • Bopa

    It seems like he’s been listening to the complaints on the web. His toupe usually looks worse than this. Also he lost the clothes that were 5 sizes too small.

  • capria30

    He needs a stylist who knows how to shape and style his piece. I do not begrudge him wearing the hairpiece, but get someone to style it right. I know that there is someone in the ATL who can….LOL

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