Coupled Up: Babyface And His Baby Mama Do Upscale Hollyweird

- By Bossip Staff

Babyface was spotted with girlfriend Nicole Patenburg at “THE” Hollyweird event to attend last night.

The Los Angeles County Museum’s “The Unmasking” gala was a celebration the grand opening of the $45 million Lynda and Stewart Resnick Exhibition Pavilion, named for the major donors and owners of Fiji Water and Pom Wonderful.

The event drew out major star power, from Desperate Housewife Teri Hatcher and Hollywood leading man-meat Don Cheadle, to celebutantes Kimmy Cakes (with Mama Kris as her date), Nicole Richie and Nicky Hilton.

But with all that glam, we can’t help but ask: what is going on with Christina Aguilera’s tan and/or face these days?

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  • MissB

    Persia Whites hair cut looks adorable on her.


    I can’t help but ask, what is the basis for your ongoing war against the English language? And is there any chance for a reformation in the very near future? As of present, the situation looks hopeless.

  • nana

    Awww look at Persia White from ‘Girlfriends’!!! I just adore that gal! She looks good with her hair short too!

  • hmmm_BAPS

    Is Christina wearing a wig? Just askin’

  • ???



  • Yummy

    Christina is rocking a horrible lace front!

  • Esperanza

    Christine Aguilera would be Black if she could – that’s why she tries to sound as black as possible when she sings (and copies everything Whitney & other sing)! She’s the white female answer to Michael Bolton.

  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983


  • Bree

    Persia make me wanna cut my hair off. She looks very refreshed and young. I love the new look on her.

  • Jules

    Baby face got a white woman right after his wife, or is that a black woman. Damn these Hollywood brothas really getting luxurious with their dating habits.

  • tea

    he aint got that baby face no mo!

  • cali*s finest

    Vida looks horrible, I never understood the hype behind her

  • such and such

    Yeah the tan does does look kinda awckward on Christina. Maybe if her hair wasn’t so darn bright it wouldn’t look so odd. She look like she channeling Marylin in this pic. Beautiful look nonetheless. Everyone else looked fab as well. I like Persia new style it compliments her. Kimmy looked flawless but folk gonna hate cause it Kimmy cakes.

  • such and such

    What happened to Ally?

  • Angel...Ina

    Ugly black men, at least they have money I love money, that’s all that manners, I love s***king those n¡ggers dry, they are so fragile and weak, I would hate to be one of their women.

    • Ralph

      Prob an upset latina or sista looking at all the balling black men. Prob see all the white women and lite brights with them and getting upset. Angelina you sounding like a hurt puppy. Hateful women hating on black men who worked hard to cake up and get wealthy. Angelina dont get upset, UPS is hiring.


    Date who you want because a sister with a Rich Black skin tone is not his type, All I want to know is what happen to the good music and please do not come out with a hispanic CD we want R&B seems as though that is not your type of music anymore either

  • It is what it is......


    I guess tin ears can’t recognize talent…..Christina may be going through some physical changes but trust me she’s not trying to imitate Whitney. The woman is one of a very select few artists that can actually sang feel me. All artists have others who have inspired them and this chick sings from her experiences and heart…..see her live and she’s better than the CD unlike other artist who have to fake it or play it off by having the audience participate cause they can’t hit a note or two….

  • Jennifer

    Kim K and her mom look GREAT! Stop the hate!

  • soultosoul

    I know Babyface can’t stand the fact that he had to downgrade when Tracey divorced him.

    Vida~ is the epitome of a Buttaface

    Kim & Kris- plastic from head to toe

  • Scruff

    damn, baby face’s shorty look good as hell.

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