Exclusive: RHOA Kandi Burruss New Man NFLer Willis McGahee Is Triflin’… Dude Is Living With His Baby Mama!!!

- By Bossip Staff

Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 3 debuted Monday night along with Kandi Burruss’ new love interest, Baltimore Ravens Running Back Willis McGahee. Last season, Kandi was engaged to AJ (R.I.P.), and her mother had a mouth full of words for him. Sources claim that Kandi’s new man Willis lives with his girlfriend in Maryland that just gave birth… SMH!!!

Wonder what Kandi’s mother has to say about that!?!?!

Back in August, Velicia Misher, who is Willis McGahee’s current girlfriend, gave birth to their daughter Phoenix in L.A. Normally, no one would even think twice about this situation but because Willis just made his Bravo debut on season 3 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta as Kandi’s new man… it’s making some people raise their eyebrows. Sources say, Velicia is a little pissed that Willis would prance around Atlanta with Kandi while she was up in “HIS” house in Maryland with a gut full of human.

We all know that the Season 3 episode was taped earlier this year, so Willis… Sorry Son!! There is no denying this!!! But…what does that say for Kandi??? There’s no way in hell that she would just blatantly claim a dude as her man, and he’s living in the same house with his pregnant girlfriend. DaYYuMMM!!! We’re going to give her the benefit of the doubt on this one or… WAS SHE JUST DOING IT FOR TV?!!?

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  • Socrates

    she sure as heck knows how to pick them!!

    • MyReason

      LMAO!!!! I was thinking the same thing..he’s another one with 5 kids and three “baby mommas”. Everybody has a type..obviously this is hers. I just hate that she has her little radio show where she thinks she can dish out advice on relationships. No thanks Kandi…

    • Chitowninthehouse


    • keema

      Socrates huh? lol

    • Stelios Kontos :)

      These celebraties and the choices they make…smdh

    • lindaft

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    • asfe

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    • Gorgeous Mixed Island Gyal

      I was thinking the SAME thing!! Kandi has HORRIBLE taste in men. No good man wants a woman with low self-esteem!!!

    • DollBaby1o1

      Typical Kandi though, right?

  • Fed Up

    Who even cares?

  • hotbitch

    Kandi’s an idiot.

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    Wow men are just out of line now a days….be sure to check out myhairparadise dot com for hair care tips

  • nikki

    He’s an ughly guy anyway. Always been a fan of Xscape. So Owell! He’s a lame! Kandi! Please do better!


    A perfect example of a beautiful woman that doesn’t know her worth….its sad really that any woman would feel she can only do as good as a guy like this.Then again,I guess thats her track record since the last one wasn’t much better.

  • lucifer

    No Kandi is a you know what forget it typical black woman

  • S.a.s.s.y24

    not suprised

  • sportstalk23

    Is Kandi dumber than a box of rocks this makes no sense
    The last dude who ended up murdered had 6 kids with a bunch of baby mamas
    But Kandi couldn’t understand her mom wasn’t diggin that engagement
    Willis is a pretty big name NFL baller she couldn’t find that out
    Or probably like a lot of chicks simply don’t care
    We knows he doesn’t care or he wouldn’t have even gone there but hey folks will do anything
    To get on tv even if they gotta put their business on front street

  • I wasn't gone say nuttin, but

    Why ya’ll giving her the benefit of the doubt what makes her any better than Alicia, Fantasia and the friggin rest?!?!

    • ImaPC

      probably because this isn’t some relationship she was trying to hide. DUH!

      She brought dude on nat’l tv, knowing that everyone who knows him and her would see this…if she knew he was still with his bm (allegedly…bec. gossip sites have been wrong before) then there’s NO WAY she would have brought him on tv for the whole world to see.

      Come to think of it, I dont think any logical person in his position would do it either…unless he felt the bm would keep quiet. So either that’s the case, or the bm lieing and they weren’t actually together.

    • http://www.showmestate.com 5'10" AKILLAH RICHARDS (A SPADE IS A SPADE)

      i dont have a coment on her or her situtation, but people are probably not going AS hard on her as Akeys or Fantasia because this dude is not MARRIED to his bm. Again, I dont have an opinion on her situation, just replying to your question

  • I wasn't gone say nuttin, but


  • SoulSista

    I like Kandi but she must be suffering from self esteem issues. Her baby daddy is a deadbeat (atleast she implied as much), the 2nd one had 5 kids and multiple baby mamas, now this one??? You can do better Kandi, realize your worth before its too late and your stuck with a 2nd child from a sorry azz man.

  • 100milesperhour

    She seems like the type that would sleep with your man while your back is turned.

    • tiny

      LOL. I have that feeling about her also. She tries to give that good girl vibe, but I always believed she was an undercover ***. Chilli and Her represent Thirsty women to me, trying to pretend that they aren’t.

    • Dumplin

      Didn’t AJ date Tiny at some point? I don’t gove Kandi a thing.

      She said they were just dating nothing serious, so I guess she was nothing serious for him

  • Shawn of the Living

    Didn’t she help write the hits or TLC and Destiny’s Child….No Scrubs/Bills.Bills.Bills?//

    Take your own advice Kandi

  • Why are you surprised... have you learned nothing in your time here on this Planet?

    OH NO … we SHALL SEE!

  • MyReason


  • mista

    True, but she did say that she was open to oral…LOL.

  • seyess

    Paleeez candy is LAME herself, can’t sing and just Annoying So thts why she cant find a man…she had bank but she just dont have tht “IT” factor at all. She is BEST BEHIND the scenes…eww

  • Curious1 aka I'm Just Sayin'


  • Beyonce is my MAMMY

    Are yall shocked? Kandi gets on my nerves. She is so simple! I liked her better when all she did was sing and pop lock with those beastly monstrosities that she used to sing with. NEXT….

    • isis


  • Blacchyna

    Man this is no surprise. Majority of the men these days, celebrites and all. They have wives, baby mommas, and girlfriends on the side all at one time. So What’s new?

  • Butterscotch™

    I like her down-to-earth attitude, but I wish she would show better judgement when it comes to men. Just messy!

  • Macmoon

    Alot of black women is f*cked up mentally.They go for b.s. Cuz they full of B.s. themselves.IF THE SHOE FIT WEAR IT HO3.


    Willis has other seed out there beside this one…if I remember correctly.Sista’s have “baby radar” unlike any other.


    WTF..Are women that hard up for a man….d@mn!!!!! Lesson 101 – if a man is still living with his girlfriend with a newborn, don’t get into a relationship with him…DUHHHHHHHHHH!

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