Willis McGahee Defends His RHOA Boo Kandi And Discusses His Dirty D*ck Past

- By Bossip Staff

Sometimes, the best comment is no comment. At all.

Kandi Burruss‘s not-so-new running back boo evidently felt some type of way about the reports of his too-close-for-comfort living arrangements with one of his many baby mamas and the other many reasons why he might not be the right guy for her.

Willis McGahee recently did what amounts to a “fawk all you haters” interview dispelling the rumors that started to pop up after he appeared on last week’s Real Housewives of Atlanta premier. Except in some cases, we think he may have done more harm than good.

On being taken by surprise by the public scrutiny:

I’m from Miami so I’ve been through this. I’ve been hated on by girls, and dudes hating on me because of the girls. It’s been like this all of my life. I think I was made for this for some strange reason.

On his dating past:

McGahee confessed that when he first got his NFL contract in 2003, he went through a period of being a “stereotypical athlete” and entertained his fair share of women.

“I was younger back then, and I had fun. I can’t deny that, and everybody knows that,” he admitted.

On his private football squad in the making:

Though some blogs have claimed the Miami native has as many seven kids, McGahee said those reports are all bogus.

“I have a nice handful,” he laughed. “But it’s way under seven. It’s nowhere near seven!”

McGahee is apparently the father of five children – the first three were born over a span of two years, shortly after he was drafted in the NFL by the Buffalo Bills.

Boo boo? Five isn’t really that far off from seven.

“I was just involved with each of my children’s mothers for so long. Each one was over two or three years. I just had a nice rotation, however that is over now, and I don’t get down like that anymore,” he explained.

The football star disclosed that because of his past reputation, women – some he’s never met – accuse him of fathering children on an annual basis.

“I get planted with a baby every year. I’ve been accused of having kids that aren’t mine,” he laughed.

And this makes you different from every other hoeing athlete how?

On Kandi’s homewrecking rep:

“I don’t live with my baby’s mother. I don’t have any baby in Maryland. I’ve been staying by myself for the three years that I’ve been here,” he clarified.

“Kandi didn’t come in and wreck any home,” he continued. “I didn’t have a baby mama staying with me when I met her. I’m not married, engaged or anything like that. It’s just a shame that people are accusing her of doing things like that. Now they’re trying to throw me in it, and put my kids into it. I’ve seen on the Internet that they even have my child’s mother on there. That is just uncalled for.”

Ooh! Was that a BOSSIP sneak-diss?


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  • nana

    Wat is uncalled for is u havin 5 kids wit different women and still dating other women! No offence but he’s too country for ma liking!

    • weirdo

      Yeah, Im not a fan of the drive-by babymaking either…but just because he has a past doesn’t mean he can’t have a future.
      That seems a lil silly to me, especially if none of the bm are going to work out.

      but as for Kandi…yeah, I would love to see her with somneone a lil different than the stereotypical dudes. Like someone who is on top of their game…she also has a child, so it would be a lil unfair to expect her to cut off anyone with a child.

    • Delight23

      umm, hello. the man said he had a “nice rotation”. It aint like they were back 2 back. Cuz THAT would be outrageous. 🙄

      Im gonna go with Kountry with a “K” just because he sounds so azz backwards.

    • lindaft

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  • jadapooh2

    Ok it seems like Kandi is back where she started, AJ (RIP)had 5 or 6 kids and the mother didn’t want her with him and i wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t like him too. Come on Kandi, you’re too beautiful and talented for this!

    • Lisa

      Kandi mother will like him only because he has money. Black men like this shouldn’t be put on tv it just continues all the negative sterotype…then again so does the Real Housewives

  • Teez

    Kandi, please let your mother pick your soul mate!

  • yvonne

    Whats up with the kandi in her choice of men? Her mum must be rolling her eyes again, what is attractive about a man with 5 kids with 5 bms.

  • jazzijotheho

    lol i love how he was caught in a lie at the end saying you don’t even know my baby mamas name lol did anyone say anything about you cheating on kandi with your baby mama…lol black men are all liars..well the majority of the ones that have money thats for sure!! lol whatta loser. Kandi. please. you got money. find someone that doesnt have a screwed up pas. please. you’ll just get hurt in the process;)

  • if anything be noble

    *counting to the number 5 then to the number 7 and only finding the number 6 in between them* SMH. I hope this man never has to be his own attorney — talkin about “Judge, I never took 3 cartons of cigarettes. I took 2. And a half. And that loosey. And 6 butts.” #sometimespleasedontsaynothin

    • sholla21

      LOL! I peeped that too.
      “But it’s way under seven. It’s nowhere near seven!”
      How is 5 “way under” 7 🙂

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    So he doesn’t have anywhere near 7 but 5 kids? LMAO!!!! 2 more (which is the route he’s going) isn’t nowhere near far from 7 genius! SMDH

    Dealing with a man with 1 child from a previous relationship is hard enough for most so I can only imagine 5+…Kandi seriously needs to NOT engage romantically/sexually with a man with WAY too much baggage,just like I don’t expect a man to settle for a woman with this same bad trait if he has only 1 or no children himself.
    Yes,I’m aware that many (especially black/non black(Hispanic) men out there have a whole lotta baby momma issues but there’s also plenty that have NONE or 1 child that are single/drama-free…just saying

  • Delight23

    they just keep handing them to you on a silver platter. (((sigh)))

    I’m not impressed by Khandi’s mate picking skills, so the idea that she’s “too good” or “better than” was shattered by Ms. Khandi herself. 😦

  • qsqs1452


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  • Butterscotch™

    Kandi seems to have a kind heart, but continually exhibits some of the worst judgement when it comes to men. Perhaps she is one of those people that loves drama. SMH

  • Get Real

    Damn Kandi, is this the best you can do??? I am pulling for you girl. You’re like that big sis that I am tired of defending. A man (or woman) with multiple children out of wedlock show a lack of responsibility. That speaks volumes about their character. He may be able to afford them (presently) but trust me he is not raising them. Kandi, his home life is messy. It will only be a matter of time before it will effect his game. Keep it moving.

    I know u read the blogs.

  • SOLO73

    I have this friend. He’s a single dad with one child. He has done a great job in raising his son. I just don’t understand how he is dating this chick with 5 kids with 5 different dads. I’ll be glad when he snaps out of it.

    • Shauna

      what the hell are you talking about. SHE has one child HE has multiple children not the other way around. reading is fundamental

    • SOLO73

      Learn how to effin’ read. I wasn’t speaking about them. I said a friend of mine.

  • if anything be noble

    Dude’s talking about kids like he’s talking about Skittles. Um. People aren’t jelly beans or potato chips. “6? 8? 12? I don’t know. It’s a handful. Ha ha ha.”

    • divanerd

      A “handful” – LOL!!! More like a sackful.

  • Kandi

    Everyone is entitled to their on opinion


    “I just had a nice rotation”
    negro please. 😦

  • MasterBates

    Is he trying to catch up w/Antonio Cromartie of the Jets w/8 kids & 6 baby mamas?

  • shut the fu*ck up

    she has a weakness for bad boys with drama and lots of baby mamas

  • ll

    Why can’t some people just use a condom?

  • j

    My whole thing is and this goes out to all the hoes, IF U GON HOE AROUND USE A DAMN CONDOM!!!! I don’t understand it. He got a gang of kids and he talking about a got a nice handful! Aint nothing nice about having a hanful if kids with several women none of which were your wives! This dude is a mess, and I like kandi, but girl u aint got the sense god gave a billygoat! Lol, I still love u khandi

  • shon

    the bm started all this mess she posted the pic of herself and willis and pic of him and the baby.. those pic didn’t come from the media they were her own personal pic. hasn’t anyone figure that out yet. this girl wants to make a name of her self she wants to be a actress so this was her way to put herself out there but it didn’t fall through. she wants TMZ to follow her around and all that media attention like tiger woods hoes. everyone is giving kandi the attention and not this stupid girl. she knew what she was doing but when the stadium lights go out and willis is not playing she is going to get a reality check!

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