Antoine Dodson Talks Britney Spears, Bishop Eddie Long And The BET Awards

Antoine Dodson “I’m Going To Try My Best Not To Be Another Britney Spears”

- By Bossip Staff

TR: Did the perpetrator ever get caught?

AD: No, he did not get caught, and the crimes are still happening in Lincoln Park. He must think that this is a hit around the world now and that he’s just going to keep going around breaking into people’s houses, thinking he can capitalize on it.

TR: This is in no way related to you, but I’m just curious about how you feel about the Bishop Eddie Long case?

AD: I get that a lot anyway. My reaction is, weren’t they 16 or 17? At that age you are a year or two away from being legal. How do you not know that someone is taking advantage of you? Doesn’t school teach you that? Don’t they teach you about maturity? They teach you how to drive a car — why not teach you about being taken advantage of?

I’m sorry if people may hate me, but I feel like something is not adding up. From the look of it, I saw some of the boys’ interviews, and one of them is well-spoken and intelligent. Maybe they were scared to speak out all of these years. I don’t know, but I smell money.

Hmmm, do you think Antoine is on to something? Or is he just on something?

Just sayin’… It’s amazing how our society can give just ANYBODY a platform to speak. Folks think Antoine is a passing fad, but some of us thought that about Sarah Palin too and two years later we’re still stuck with her!


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