Who Looked More Bangin? Black Girls Rock! Edition

- By Bossip Staff

Keke Palmer Raven-Symone Black Girls Rock 2010

Former tween queens Raven-Symone and Keke Palmer made an appearance at last night’s taping of the 5th annual Black Girls Rock! Awards in the Bronx. And while Keke’s jailbait status keeps us from going all out, we had to ask…

Still, don’t let your imagination take you too far.

On the opposite end of the Rockin Black Girls age spectrum, Iyanla Vanzant and the legendary Ms. Ruby Dee were also out in the BX last night, looking as vivacious as ever.

Iyanla Vanzant Ruby Dee Black Girls Rock 2010

And Jill Scott, looking like she shared Ci-Error‘s stylist for the night.

Jill Scott Black Girls Rock 2010

Ciara Black Girls Rock 2010

Keep reading for more pics from the red carpet and inside the show.

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  • nana

    I am a BLACK WOMAN and I ROCK! @Hannibal where r u? I bet u hve somethin to say, Looser! Lol

    • Hannibal






    • Hannibal



    • gdfgfd

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  • Shananigans

    raven looks pretty but i dont like that color on her skin tone

    wow missy, i forgot about her

    • realdwn2erth

      I agree! Not a the right color for her…

  • lala

    Raven looks old. Keke is pretty though.

  • IrrationalChicksBetheWorse!

    Keke got this one.

    I don’t like that color on Raven. It makes her look “washed out” and pale.

  • Super_Negra

    I love KeKe.. she looks way older than her actual age.
    And Raven looks awesome .. but I agree the dress is a bit too bright..

  • Blck Sheep

    is it only me but i’ve noticed missy looks WAY different now then three years ago like she lost weight or been sick.
    jill looks a mess.
    ciara looks a mess.
    keyshia look more toned now after her pregnancy….
    raven look like a high lighter…
    I say ruby dee wins the best dress.

  • sholla21

    The ladies look good. Very happy to see Missy. I love her!

  • hmmm_BAPS

    LOL @ Jill Scott must’ve used Ciara’s stylist.

    WTH was Free and Debra Lee thinking with the animal print?

    Whats wrong with Missy’s eye? Different isnt always better.

    Nia Long, Raven, Ke Ke and all look great.

    Mrs Ruby Dee is just so beautiful and graceful.

  • quilombo

    WWWWTTTTFFFFFF!!! missy missed it but ruby dee can get it! lynn and raven look CCCCCRRRRAAAAAZZZZYYYYYY!!!! as hell! jill?????

  • M3@9@N

    Lol blind folds herself ? Geez.

  • "Pretty Ricky" Fontaine

    Awww DAYUM! What the hell…is that Free or her mother?! (Used to love her…) and Raven is built like a NFL linebacker…smh…something is medically wrong with Missy. Nia and Lynn still doing they thing though!

  • Greeneyedbandit

    Raven needs to work on her arms,they too big.Pretty girl,arms too big.

  • mjs fanatic

    Nia long is gorgeous as usual. Keke is cute

  • Soul Touch

    Raven looks good, she’s lost some weight. She does have thick arms but because she is also big breasted she looks thicker up top. But she looks good and considering all this young woman has achieved I think she is BEAUTIFUL.

    Jill is still loosing too, she looks got.

    Keke, such a beauitful young woman. Like Raven, a girl who has held onto her morals.

    Nia Long is my idol. She is all kinds of fab.

  • Cosign

    Jill Scott looks way better with natural hair. #just saying…

  • 1234321

    somebody tell ciara to seat her A## down somewhere. and go make some music, i’m sick of her already. ugggggggggggggg. oh she cat sing.

  • 1234321

    some body tell ciara to seat her UGLY a** down some where, an go make some music, oh wait she cant sing, what can she do. oh wait pose. sad.

  • e

    you sound like a pedofile with those comments that you make about KEKE & RAVEN………

  • eman

    Keke all day everyday none of these females got nothing on my girl keke

  • eman

    Not better looking then keke i doo agree that ciara is not ugly but still she got nothing on keke

  • danny b

    Again Monica was clearly pregnant looking she needs to come out already with it quick lying girl we know

  • rockinlady

    I am really disappointed by all of the posts that preceded this one. It is sad that the majority of you have chosen to find something negative to post about last night instead of taking in the concept of the whole program which was to lift up and support each other as black women. I pray that you all get it sooner or later and I hope sooner than later.I would say that each person that appeared, no matter their attire, Rocked, and I would like to say that each of you Rock also.

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  • Danielle

    Jill Scott looked wonderful! Also, I am now a true fan of Ledisi. She rocked the hell out of that song.

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