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‘Tasia‘s got a lot to talk about these days: Season 2 of Fantasia for Real only has 3 episodes left; she’s on tour; she still needs to make “Back to Me” move some units. And all this adds up to her talking about…

The one topic she said she was over talking about. Except now, she’s saying it was never her idea to talk about it in the first place. Here’s what she told Russ Parr about her little ordeal this morning:

Russ: You’ve been through a lot, and I, personally, I even said it on the radio, I just felt like you were put back out under fire a little soon. Do you feel like you needed a little bit more time to get yourself together?

Fantasia: Oh, of course! Of course I did, but the crazy part about it is that it always falls back on the commitments that you’ve made and agreed to. When it comes down to this business, and I hate to say it like this but it’s so true: they don’t care about what you’re going through. “Get yourself together, we’ll give you 2-3 days, when you come on back, we need you to tough it out and get in there.” And that was kinda like the whole prep [sic] talk from everybody.

For six years I’ve always taken everybody’s advice and wanted to do what everybody felt should be done, or best for the career. And now I’m at a point where I know for a fact that I’m [rebelling] right now. I don’t really wanna do anything crazy, but it’s my life and I’m gonna live it. I’m good now. I’m very very good, and ready to go back on the road, but doing me. And not even taking anybody’s advice like that.

Yea? We don’t buy that. The label can make you do interviews, but you can just as easily and forcefully refuse to talk about certain sh*t.

And for those of us who were wondering how little Zion is taking all this adultery and suicide talk, Fantasia says she’s got this.

To be honest with you, my daughter is totally clueless right now to everything. She only watch Disney Channel, ’cause there’s a lot of things going on on the TV right now that I don’t want my baby to see. So we keep her on Disney Channel… Even with my Lifetime movie, my daughter hasn’t seen that yet. And I don’t want her to til she gets a certain age where she’ll be able to swallow some of the things that I’ve done.

Check out the full interview below. And peep how she totally ducked Russ’s question about her cracky cousins and their show.



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