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Good day, Bossip Readers! The topic of discussion today is old-school versus new school. For the people who are grown today, the days of answering machines and busy signals were real. There was no TV in every room, there wasn’t a plethora of entertainment devices to choose from to kill some time and, in this day and age, too much time! But we’re in paradoxical times because there are some of us who are fine with ditching old-school or old-fashioned practices while others are nostalgic for the good-old-days when things weren’t so complicated and convoluted with other forces. It goes without saying that this translates to romance, dating and marriage too! So, many want to know, how do we bridge the gap? Can two people come together and find a happy medium between new and old? Well, we asked some of our lady readers what men of this generation don’t do that they used to do back in the day and how times have changed! Take a look and stay tuned for the mens’ perspective next week!

My husband doesn’t even open doors for me. I’ve been talking to him about that since I met him. He’s a good guy but no one ever taught him to do those kind of things. I’m tired of talking about it. Chivalry starts a home. – Janice, 38

Men don’t pay for dates these days without expecting something in return. When did that happen? It seems like it’s gotten worse over time because when I was dating, back in the day, they might want to kiss you or make out but now they want it all … for a dinner? Come on! – Kat, 30

See, I have brothers and so I never washed my car, took it to get an oil change, changed a tire — none of that. They always took care of that and they said that if a woman has a dirty or malfunctioning car, then she’s most likely single. That’s not true anymore, a grown man will drive his girl’s car around dirty and all. They don’t care about any of that. – Heather, 31

They never give you that undivided attention because there’s too many distractions! They got Facebook, ipods, Play Stations, Wii, flatscreens with HD, Blueray, T-Vo and I could go on for days! I feel like I’m always competing with technology, I’m always nagging my boyfriend about that. – Sonia, 28

Um, yea! They don’t call anymore! What happened to calling? I mean, I’m 32 and men my age and older text instead of calling! That is such a major turnoff for me because I find it impersonal and, quite honestly, lazy! I feel like with the time spent typing we could have the same conversation in the same amount or shorter time. Plus, it leaves too much room for misinterpretation, you know? -Renee, 32

Men don’t dance! I’ve noticed that when you’re in a place where people should be dancing they’re posted on the wall! I used to watch Soul Train and the men were real dancers and knew how to groove. I miss seeing that. I love to dance so that’s a large part of the reason why I love my boyfriend, we go out dancing all the time! – Natasha, 29

Well, in my experience, men my age don’t really know how to touch a woman. They’re so into “getting it in” they forget that there’s a playground called my body. You can touch it, rub it, taste it but they always go straight to the goods. With everything being so instant anymore, there’s no time for intimacy and that defeats the purpose of loving on somebody. – Zoey, 27

What are your thoughts Bossip Readers? Fellas, in particular, please leave your thoughts! Do you find this to be true or a little embellished?

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