*Exclusive* Kim Zolciak (@KimZolciak) Dishes On Phaedra’s Due Date, So-Called Beef With Kandi, And Her New Boo’s Booty

- By Bossip Staff

Last night, Kim Zolciak joined us as we live-tweeted the latest episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta. Check out what she had to say about the show, in between cussing out Twitter hecklers, and the truth about her friendship with Nene and beef with Kandi.

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  • nana

    Who’s that black chic she walks around wit ob the show?

    • LuVn_liFe

      “Sweetie”is her name LOL

    • Jayonce

      Crack-head Christa!

  • Mrs. Rance

    I started to say something salty about her not speaking to Kandi after she got free music from her, but now that I think about it Kandi is probably avoiding her.

  • MyReason

    Phaedra was lying becuz that is NOT her husbands child!! And Kandi should avoid Kim’s lazy, don’t wanna make her own music a**.



  • red jewel

    Love nene she tell it like it is. love kandi every since she was with the group xscape. kim thinks she all of that but i think not. pheadra i don’t think that he is the father she don’t even know her due date.

    • tommykimon

      I think she does know her due date but doesn’t want anyone else to know. She proably got knocked up by him while he was in jail.

  • dontWorrYboutIt

    Lol… Phaedra is fake and corny, she’s the dumbest lawyer I’ve heard speak ever! Kim is disrespectful with the music and really has no business recording or wasting Kandi’s time if she’s NOT paying her. Kim seems too messy, she’s way too involved with all the he said she said stuff like u can tell she’s a fence rider.

  • deedee_404

    I know it sounds crazy, but I would like to work with the production team of this show. Despite all the craziness we see on television, it has to take a strong, creative group behind the scenes to keep it from being a free for all

  • Enigma

    She’s materialistic and trashy…and that whole schtick is getting old. She doesn’t care about anyone but herself and she just seems very childish.

    • Dimediva

      I give you a virtual standing ovation!!!…you summed that bytch up exceptionally…she is trash and lazy and materialistic and nothing would be wrong with her liking to have nice things but she wants them all given to her, she’s a terrible role model for her daughters!

  • TEE

    Ummm..over 30 and still working it like a young buck..actually better!!

  • Ice Harvest

    @Enigma: Totally agree with you. Another point to add is that she is also not a true friend to ANYONE!! Last season, Kandi invited her to the performance of her new song, and Kim didn’t show up or call and later, said that her daughter wad sick (after she had gotten the Tardy For The Party track from Kandi). This season for the mother’s day dinner, she didn’t go because once again, “her daughter wad sick.” She is a very narccistic person and her two kids are well on their way to being just like mom!

  • Here to Share Knowledge...Not Argue With you

    Uhhhh…..are you 12…no wait, 14….gotta be…you come across as having the mind of a child….”You can’t be 35 and work it like you 25….” WTF knd of nonsense is that? You’re a dumbazz…

  • Vincent L.

    Kim you’re Balling Gold Digger Skeezer to the 10th Power! I’m not mad at your game? However be careful how you play? Karma is a biyyach! As far as your friendships with the other cast members if you don’t deal with them off camera, why fake the funk on camera. It’s making you come off as selfish, simple minded, manipulaitive, and phoney! Yet? My bad? “THAT IS THE REAL YOU” …. isn’t it?

    • Dimediva

      hahahahaha!….love it!..

  • nikemy

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  • seyess

    Yes this chick is a the a OG gold digger, she can teach KIM K a few things…lol

  • ThickLikeCornbread

    Y is she on the show if she aint cool with NOBODY?

    That show is SCRIPTED, maybe not with scripts but definitely with the situations

  • ThickLikeCornbread

    Where does/did she get the money to spend $60,000 on her dtr’s bedroom?!!!!

  • Galpal

    I know that im late but what the hell was that baby shower about doing toooooo much pheadra she is the dumbest lawyer ive heard speak. And self centered her husband is only with her for her money. She not bad looking but only money can make up the fact she whack and selfish. Her personality is so annoying!

  • cia

    i love meself some phaedra she’s too funny!!!!lol

  • too many idiots

    “at 30 you can’t work it like your 25”

    speak for yourself, sugar.

  • tommykimon

    WTF 25-30 is a five year age difference you are a dumb a.s.s. I work it way better at 30 lol

  • http://undressingher.com undressingHER

    i need kandi in my life

  • shut the fu*ck up

    phaedra is just rying to be relavant to the show and they probably came up with a script to make herfull of drama, come on she looks like she is 8 month pregnant on the show like she due any moment but on the show she acting like she is just 6 months and anybody knows that she is not 6 months on th show more like 8 or 8 1/2 cause if you don’t have drama on these shows you are out

  • BeautifulGirl

    I saw last weeks of RHOA- cause I missed it- but Phaedra looks 9 months pregnant with twins!

    I swear I have never seen a bigger tummy!!!!

  • Nan

    Big Poppa Mall got closed down because he didn’t pay the electric bill.


    Kandi kicked her to the curb and I’m sure we’re going to get more drama from Kandi coming up, whether real or rehearsed. The show is known for kicking the duds off – i.e. Mrs. Snow and Mrs. Hartwell.

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