Bossip Cameras Catch Married NBA Player Larry Hughes With Mistress And “Outside Kid”

- By Bossip Staff

Here’s another one for our Dirty Dog Diaries! Charlotte Bobcats player Larry Hughes flew to Los Angeles yesterday for Nelly’s album release party — or at least that’s what his wife thinks!!! It turns out Larry has something else to take care of while he’s in L.A. Bossip can exclusively confirm that he also met with his mistress Sundy Carter and his 3-year-old daughter Kennedy!

It’s only right that Bossip was there to catch this special moment since we also broke the news when Kennedy was born. Kennedy was conceived during Hughes’ affair with his jump-off, State Property actress and model Sundy Carter. Hughes is currently MARRIED, living with his WIFE Carrie and their four children.

Sundy was seriously dating Larry Hughes for over a year and NEVER knew he was married. They took trips together and she went to a majority of Wizards and Cavaliers games.

The little girl was born July 2007 and Hughes denied her at first, but after Sundy sought legal counsel and forced a paternity test (see gallery for paternity test), he was proven to be Kennedy’s father.

Although Larry agreed to child support, he has been inconsistent and he and Sundy are feuding now over payments, health care and Kennedy’s trust fund. Despite their differences Larry met up with Sundy yesterday so that he could spend time with Kennedy.

His wife had no knowledge of the meeting and she continues to believe that Larry is not Kennedy’s father DESPITE the paternity test and the obvious resemblance.

Check out our exclusive video of the Father/Daughter meeting below:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

How could a father possibly deny that child?

Do you think he came back for more Sundy chopdown action last night???

More shots of Larry, Sundy and Kennedy and the paternity test below:

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  • Kiiss Me

    He used to b cute… That baby looks just like him… Nelly and Larry.. In my home alone voice Woofffff!!

    • Rehammma

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    • 1TruDiva w/the PlatinumVocals!!

      He looks slow….like he took remedial courses in high school.

      Lawd, I hope the lil’ girl’s gone be OK.

      And–Stevie Wonder AND Ray Charles can see she looks just like him. Smh…

  • Hannibal

    I hope he can poke me in my booty sometimes.. Damm Daddy!

  • jayluv

    why he looking at his baby mama’s azz like he miss hitting it?

  • they killed mike


  • Shrugs

    Am i the only one not caring about this whole ordeal?

  • Nicey Bash

    Ugh! Lmao@ Hannibal ugh lol

  • Keep it Real

    Trust fund? What does Sundy Carter do for a living other than take azz shots?

  • ThickLikeCornbread

    Cute kid

    She looks like him too!!!

    What is Carrie doing about this messy situation?!

  • ThickLikeCornbread

    Leave both Hannibal & Hanibal “the animals” alone. Please dnt feed them

  • shut the fu*ck up

    that is not hannibal that is an impostor

    • It's Me

      Shhhh. it’s working as Hannibal has been gone for a minute….

  • nana

    Lmaooo the kid is in her B_girl steez! She’s ready to bust a movem

  • MagicGenie

    i don’t blame him for pokin’ the new girl did you see his wife? can you say ‘pre-fame mistake’???

    • Caramel Cat™

      damn…that’s cold…

      Well, he needs to leave her if it’s like that, fact of the matter is that he took vows and if he couldn’t honor them that’s his problem, not his wife’s…

    • Clark

      Word. I mean damn homie. LMAO!

  • yo Mama

    Sundy is a washed up Philly rat. She knew he was married. I don’t agree with deadbeat dads so he should see and support his child but as for her…she’s trash.

  • cheryl

    at least he is taking care of her and somewhat showing an interest in being in the little girls life.

    • Bicyclecrazy

      I agree. At least he is getting the time in with the baby.

  • MistaO

    Funny thing is, ole Larry actually needed a paternity test on that child!

    Naw dude, this is one case where unless she was banging yo brother, that kid is a can’t miss, you see Larry all in that childs eyes.

    Good he’s staying in the childs life.


    damn…the gold diggin’ industry has been on a upswing the last few years. 😦

    • curveball

      Gold diggers couldn’t dig if those with the gold weren’t so willing to lay between their legs.

  • chrissy

    I was thinking the same thing…is that the same girl…..

  • Stacey


    There’s no way in h*ll she dated him for a year and didn’t know he wasn’t married.

    She’d have to be the dumbest chick in the world to have been in the dark about it for that long.

    • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

      You know damn well that lame/tired excuse is just that to save a bit of face LOL..Perhaps @ 1st,well,not even since she knew she was about to become involved with a pro-athlete & most of them are either married,with long time gfs,baby mommas,fiancees & what not.


    Just another sad case of a child that has to pay the price for having parents that think with their private parts

  • Tra

    Yes my thoughts exactly. One pic she light/red bone, the next pic caramel, and the final pic brown skinned. SMH

  • BlackAnastasia

    Another Case of BlackWomen Gold Digger Syndrone and they wonder why the Kids grow up to do nothing.They were Cursed from the start do to your Golddigging.SMH.

  • JECCA111

    Please…she knew he was married. But anyway, this just look like a man visiting with his kid. Btw: kid looks just like him

  • Slide Like a Fresh Pair of Gators

    Messed up, BabyGirl only gets to see her Daddy but every so often :-(…

    LOL at how ol’ girl said she didn’t KNOW he was married for a WHOLE ENTIRE year = ok whatever you say… *You ain’t fooling N0BODY with that one, SMMFH…

    We ALL know what you wanted and what your intentions were… Pathetic…

    Oh yeah, shame on Larry too…


    Man some of these Athletes kill me they skeet in da puzzy and then skip out of town!!! It’s called “THE SKEET AND SKIP DRILL”..

  • Natalie

    Just looks like a man visiting his kid to me. Nothing that should be out of the ordinary unless his wife had no knowledge of this visit which I don’t think is the case. The body language between those two does not suggest anything romantic to me. Hopefully he is a constant in his child’s life because all kids deserve to have a relationship with their parents.

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