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With the cold weather creeping up on everyone for the holidays, this is a great time for you and your significant other to start making body heat. Everyone will make their way to some kind of family/friend function full of food and drinks. Now, when the desserts start flowing make sure you grab your boy toy a piece of pumpkin pie because word is… Pumpkin Pie gets the blood and your man will be at “ATTENTION“!!!

The secret to better sex could be in a classic Thanksgiving dessert

“Throw away the perfume and go get some pumpkin pie,” said Dr. Alan Hirsch, Director of Chicago’s Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Center.

In a study of men ages 18 to 64, 40 aromas were tested to determine which arouses men the most. The smell of pumpkin pie topped ladies’ fragrances.

“The number one odor that enhanced penile blood flow was a combination of lavender and pumpkin pie,” said Hirsch.

Hirsch said tha combination increased penile blood flow by an average of 40 percent in participants.

Pumpkin pie was the single strongest stimulant.

“Maybe the odors acted to reduce anxiety. By reducing anxiety, it acted to remove inhibitions,” said Hirsch.

However, eating part of the pumpkin usually discarded when making pie could offer even greater sexual health benefits for men.

“The most important element of the pumpkin are the seeds themselves,” said Palm Beach Gardens Alternative medicine expert Dr. Ralph Monserrat. He often recommends patients with erectile dysfunction eat pumpkin seeds.

“Pumpkin seeds are very rich in zinc. That, in itself, is very valuable in individuals who have prostate enlargement…because they are very rich in zinc, there will be an increase in testosterone and that increase will also increase the sexual desire,” said Monserrat.

Pumpkin pie isn’t the only Thanksgiving favorite that arouses a man. The same study showed that older men showed a strong response to vanilla.

If your partner enjoys sex on a regular basis, allow him to pull the strawberry-rhubarb pie out of the oven. Men with the most satisfying sex lives responded strongly to strawberry.

“Every odor we tested aroused the participants,” said Hirsch.

However, not all of them created strong responses. Therefore, you may want to keep your man away from the cranberry sauce. The aroma of cranberry offered the smallest increase in blood flow, only two percent.

There is some good news, Hirsch said: “Nothing turns a man off.”

This Thanksgiving, if you want a little something extra to be thankful for, you may be able to create a big change in the bedroom by making a little change in the kitchen.

If pumpkin pie wasn’t on the menu… you might to get ur assets in the kitchen and start cooking



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