A “Lil Positivity”: Michael Vick Kicks The Truth To The Young Black Youth

- By Bossip Staff

Despite serving a 18-month prison bid, patiently waiting for his opportunity to play in the NFL, and subsequently embarrassing teams all season long, Michael Vick is still on his road to redemption.

This week he was in New Haven, Connecticut and spoke to high school students from Hillhouse and Wilbur Cross High Schools about his involvement in dogfighting and gave encouragement to the kids.

“You guys are going to be our future leaders in this world,” Vick said at Cross, according to the New Haven Register. “Set your mind on what you want to do moving forward. And each and every day, you have to think about what’s the best thing that I can do to become a better person tomorrow. There’s going to be some ups and downs, but it’s all about how you bounce back from it; it’s all about how you persevere.”

Go ‘head Mike, we got your back. Keep shining on these hating a** hoes, winning these games, and getting this money! Tell PETA to hop off the bozack!


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  • Peace

    Apology accepted…let’s all move on. He stepped up ….great job!

    • Sissy

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  • christina B


    • Shananigans

      lol hes mine!

  • cbstar

    I love how this man hit rock bottom and didnt loose his way-kudos to him and his fam

  • cbstar

    and he fine as ish !!!

  • hillhousec/o99

    I’m from New Haven and I appreciate him showing love 2 my city. This was a great day because we also had Bill Cosby walking our streets while Mike Vick was there. We all need 2 come 2 gether 2 support youth everywhere

  • teamspirit

    GO MIKE! So glad he is growing up! (Prison helped–turning a negative into a positive)

    Major endorsements will be back by summer’s end!

    The Eagles will either pay you or u already know u can get more with another team!

    Go Vick! Stop apologizing. Trust me folks started forgiving when you proved you can still win!

  • http://www.att.net telli

    Love Michael Vick!



  • Matix B

    YES MR VICK!!! Keep doing well and being strong! You were wicked last Sunday man, loved your whole game!

  • starplus

    Kick the truth! I love you Mike! I am so very Thankful God has forgiven me over and over again!

  • Donte

    Good for him.

  • No more Dog Fighting

    Shame on anyone who is still saying that Mike was “setup.” What Mike and his loser friends did to those dogs was wrong, unjust and ungodly. He has paid a price and I congratulate him on moving foward and telling kids how stupid dogfighting is. No only is it illegal and cruel, but it’s not going to feed you or your family.

    Education and ambition. Not hard headed idiocy will get you a good life. Keep it up Mike!

  • YogiSmart

    Much love for Vick…he never gave up on himself…ima fan for life….a lesser man would have believed the “convict” label. Again…much love for this brotha!!!

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