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Happy Friday, Bossip fam! Here’s to another zodiac turnover! Pause, Scorpios represented something serious last month, so, Sagittarians, please stand up! Earlier this week, we fell into the times of the Sagittarius! And, as the zodiac progresses, the signs mature, in some cases. When it comes to the Sagittarius, they’re kind of like a refined Scorpio — to some degree. The Sag is, also, a very intense being but they’ve learned to focus their intensity to the areas of their lives that are most important to them. They are very much the outdoorsy type, so they love long bike rides, outdoor sports and park bench style bar-b-ques … whatever gets them sweating the most! This astral sign is very focused on whatever prize may be lying in the middle of the bullseye — an archer, the thrill is in the chase. Often known as being straight-forward individuals, they will waste no time or entertain any nonsense and they have no patience for the b.s.. Quit-witted and honest, the Sag will tell you the truth regardless of how much it hurts but they mean well and leave no room for misinterpretation … no secrets. They are, however, extremely personable and charming so they are often surrounded by a team of smart people who can help them advance to their goals and vice versa because they’re very loyal people! The Archer is hard -working and will stop at nothing to achieve greatness. They will find a way or make one, enjoying the stumbles and learning lessons through the journey. They take some hard knocks in life, however, Sagittarians rebound swiftly and end up in better shape then they were to begin with – resilient. What’s so attractive about this sign their passion for life and all it’s pleasures. They are content with being around family and loved ones, eating good food and having a good laugh.

On the other hand, while they’re the most fun-loving people to have in your life, they have a mean streak like no other! They will go for the jugular in the heat of the moment, without fully thinking through the wounds their words can inflict upon someone. This astral sign can also become pessimistic after a series of “failures” which are often small hurdles and can likely be fixed with a little adjusting. They are way too hard on themselves sometimes are always their worse critic! If they don’t know all variables and outcomes that may arise out of a situation or feel as though they can’t control their own fate, they are extremely uncomfortable.

Loving a Sagittarius is easy to do! They are unpredictable and edgy. Open and honest. The centaurs that often portray this sign needs very little explanation. The half-horse, half-man bow and arrow toting hunter will always catch their prey. When a Sag comes after you, they’re going to get you! Shameless and without guilt they insist that you will love them just as guiltlessly. They are very open to adventure in the bedroom because remember they’re hunters — Stallion-like strength with a heart of gold! They take their time and are often very patient with the learning process and getting to know their lovers … and, not to mention, the sex will always be fun! When given a reason, the Sag will dedicate themselves to a worthy cause and relationship and they will ride the wave of togetherness until the end, no matter how high the tides. Again, the depth of their loyalty cannot be stressed enough so you can’t lose with the support of a Sagittarius in your life! And to keep them you must be equally supportive and giving with your heart!

In my 30 years of marriage to my Sagittarius husband, I have to say that there is never a dull moment. I’m also a Sag and nothing is scripted. It’s up, down and wherever else it could be, we’ve been together for so long and we still never know what to expect from each other. I might approach him knowing in my heart that he’s not going to like whatever idea I may present and when I talk to him about it, I get the complete opposite. So, it’s definitely funny. My kids are all destroyed because if it, I know that but they’re very bright and think outside the box. We didn’t have the time for tears in my house, we said, “okay, so sh*t is effed up … now what are you gonna to about it?” You know! – Brinda, 53

My mom is a Sagittarius and she was never one to hold her tongue but she will always be there. If I ever needed her or if I should ever need her help, it better be for something that makes sense! I used to be so mad at her when she would say, “you shouldn’t do “this” because “that” will happen.” I would argue her down and say, “no, it won’t Mom” and it ended exactly how she said it would. I used to hate that! Now I just ask her what I should do about a certain situation and then she normally tells me everything I pictured her say. She’s an open book with me and I appreciate that about her. I never have to wonder with her. She’s a great lady. – Omar, 30

My fiance is a Sagittarius and she is crazy! She will give you a tongue lashing if you cross her the wrong way. She’s a warrior, for real. For a while, I really felt like there was nothing I could do for her because she is so independent and head-strong. I found my niche with her though, even though she’s all that woman, she’s still very much a girlie girl. She can’t change a lightbulb, kill a bug or cut the grass. So, we have a working relationship. She does all the domestic stuff and I do all the handy work so it works out well for us. I don’t mind doing that if she can keep the house clean and cook a good meal. Oh, we have incredible sex and that keeps us communicating on an intimate level. It just can’t go wrong, I know my role, she knows hers and we stay in our lanes. It’s that simple. – Charles, 33

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